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I need your input! Teaching English in China 2016-01-21
I haven't been around much because I've been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties with the CD website. For a few weeks I got locked out o ...
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10 Things I Never Thought I'd be Grateful For 2015-12-05
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The City that Started it All 2015-10-15
One of the questions I've been asked most frequently in China is  WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO COME TO CHINA?! I guess I can understand people's sur ...
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Reverse Culture Shock 2015-09-23
Before returning home to the US this summer, people warned me I might experience “reverse culture shock.” I didn’t have any terrible experiences ...
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My home: The beautiful and evergreen Washington State 2015-06-29
I think "officially" I missed the deadline for the hometown introductions, but I thought I'd still introduce you to my home in Washington state! Usual ...
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Gaokao and the gap year 2015-06-25
There's been a lot of discussion on the blogs about gaokao and the gap year. Although I didn't grow up in China and didn't have to cram in endless hou ...
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  • Real NameKelli Dougal
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  • Birthday1990 Year 9 Month 3 Day
  • ResidenceChina Jiangsu Wuxi
  • CompanyJiangnan University
  • PositionEnglish teacher

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莞儿luna 2015-4-6 19:54:43
I love your blog Fasination.Ha ha... I'm also a Chinese student and l quite understand the behaviors that Chinese students perform in your class and l hope we can become friends and maybe l can solve some of your troubles.
ColinSpeakman 2015-4-4 15:28:13
kellivschina: I loved your post about observation! I hadn't even thought about that aspect of it when I wrote my "fascination" post. Thanks for the shouto ...
you are welcome. Happy Qing Ming
A_Blue_Sky 2015-3-31 18:16:12
hi i am rose! nice to know you!wuxi is near from Nj  where i live! welcome to nanjing!
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  • I am in LOVE with springtime in China. Reply


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