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Share Mosut. Fashion for martial artists
jaseminsibo 2019-3-7 08:34
Mosut. Fashion for martial artists
This new year of the Earth Boar, I am determined to take my 1-man fashion project Mosut to the next level. Inspired by martial arts legends namely Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and Ip Man....I am using all my skills to create modern Gis (adapted from the traditional Karate uniform Dogi). Following the footsteps of Bruce Lee and Stephen Chow, I aim to take this several thousand years of heritage to the centerstage and break into the contemporary fashion industry with gusto! Martial arts legacy + cul ...
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Share Homelessness
jaseminsibo 2018-1-27 02:21
Last night, I was one of the many volunteers who joined forces in counting the number of homeless people (as best as we could anyways) in the City of Angels. Championed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the energetic clarion call was echoed by the Los Angeles Police Department, media outlets and policy makers alike. Having lived in Australia and now America, and spending my formative years in Asia a non-welfare region, the alarming increase of tent cities and its citizens ...
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Share Absolute leadership
jaseminsibo 2018-1-23 02:37
I just read President Xi's latest mantra on China's ruling government and its focus on 'absolute leadership'. I applaud his vision and efforts in creating an undivided goal. It's always easier said than done, and the challenge is really to balance absoluteness with humanity. Humans have emotions, thoughts, desires, fears, weaknesses etc. Unless you are a robot void of all of the just mentioned. When I was entrusted with the role of a team leader with American Express, the first book I bought w ...
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Share John Wick the new James Bond?
jaseminsibo 2018-1-23 02:21
John Wick the new James Bond?
It was a very surreal feeling to me. A few months after I wrapped my student film Le Grand Central in New York, I came across John Wick 2 and realized the eerie similarity. Roman and Greek mythology, dark underworld, suspense, revenge, vigilante, honor, sacred vows and mysterious characters emerging from far flung exotic places. I swear, I did not know anything about John Wick or what its creators were attempting to do before LGC was produced. Was it a spiritual intervention.? Parallel worlds c ...
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Share Goodbye New York, Hello Hollywood!
jaseminsibo 2017-9-13 02:29
Goodbye New York, Hello Hollywood!
Finally one of my biggest dreams is about to come true! After 39 years of watching Hollywood TV and films from my small hometown of Ipoh, Malaysia.......I am moving to Hollywood next week! Yippeeee :D My family had one of the fondest memories of huddling together around our 1st TV when it came out in the 80s. I remember my dad bought it and invited our neighbours to come watch this magical thing called moving images on the screen. It was black and white then and yet we were all so thrilled and ...
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Share HELP! An Ipoh business icon is closing down after 71 years in operations....
jaseminsibo 2017-7-14 21:14
HELP! An Ipoh business icon is closing down after 71 years in operations....
Chan Sam Lock, Malaysia's biggest wedding studio and an Ipoh icon is planning to cease operations after 71 years in operations. The reasons mentioned include failure to find successors and intense pressure from new digital technologies. As a Master's holder in International Business, I know it takes a lifetime to build and sustain a good business reputation. It would be such a pity to see this symbol of Chinese perseverance, sacrifices and wisdom fade away from our memories, when in turn th ...
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Share I wish to learn Gu Zheng....the exotic Chinese harp
jaseminsibo 2017-7-9 20:47
I wish to learn Gu Zheng....the exotic Chinese harp
After re-watching Kung Fu Hustle by the very talented Stephen Chow, I have a desire to learn how to play the Gu Zheng. I have a grade 7 piano certificate from the The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Although quite different in the techniques, I'd like to think it emits the same peaceful and beautiful melody. Music has been my saviour through many challenging times in my life. I really am grateful for the creators, songwriters, artists and musicians for sharin ...
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Share A beautiful mind.....OBOR and G20 summit
jaseminsibo 2017-7-5 19:36
A beautiful mind.....OBOR and G20 summit
The annual G20 summit will be held in Hamburg, Germany this year. I am filled with excitement as to what will pan out this year, and whether there were any significant progress from last year's discussions touted in Beijing. I spoke vehemently about China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and I still believe it can garner a strong position in the global transcontinental space. With US's new president Trump officially pulling the country out of the TPP pact, it is now on the hunt for ...
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Share Will to win
jaseminsibo 2017-6-2 21:54
I write this blog with a heavy heart. I was born a twin, and raised in a family where meritocracy and competency was championed. My parents are very Western-minded. Even though I may be a twin, they cherished individual efforts and resulting rewards. For is it fair, if let's say I being the more hardworking and gifted twin devote my energy, blood, sweat and tears in creating a successful project but my other twin DEMANDS the same recognition and reward? It's not fair, is it? It's outright bullyi ...
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Share Eradicating poverty - China dream
jaseminsibo 2017-2-26 02:30
I recently read about China's reiteration on its national dream in eradicating poverty. This is a common battle cry amongst all nations, from 3rd world to developed countries. In my humble opinion, devising a 'blanket' or 'one-size-fits-all' approach will not work due to the reasons below (non-exhaustive):- 1. China's sheer size in land mass and distinctly unique provinces makes it impossible to absorb a generic policy in eliminating poverty. 没有两个雪花是相同的. 2. To eliminate poverty ...
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