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Share The Japanese Historian"and his story of woe"
2016-5-29 08:53
It is time to listen to the historian from Japan It is simple i have a plan Let us just wipe the history from the books And then our children"The Japanese children" will never know how it really looks Let us forget about what the Japanese did in the 1940's And all those horrible things of the past Yes if us Japanese historians just forget it happened in the past Maybe it will go away like dust and be unhappened "no such word i know" Yes we know the Chinese will never forget the carn ...
Personal category: The Japanese refusal to admit their evil|6057 views|9 comments Popularity 6
Share 'The horrible horrific Honda men are back again"
2016-1-20 05:39
It was over 70 years ago the horrible horrific Honda men tried to rule the world The emperors men had scorched the world with bombs and guns In pearl harbor the hungry horrible horrific Honda men had the yanks in a twirl They bombed their ships and cause some havoc in the pearl "harbor"...................... Then the yanks put paid to the horrific horrible Honda men..... The yanks dropped that bomb in the horrific horrible Honda men's den It was very sad but that put and end to ...
Personal category: Will the Japanese learn this time|3234 views|0 comments
Share The Story of the Horrific Honda Men in Poetry
2015-5-14 08:21
"The Horrific Honda men' The Honda people came in their droves.... Why on earth did they come in the first place these rogues.... It seems that they wanted more land to live and stay...... And in their minds the reds people were the prey.... The Honda people also went to "Pearl"........ harbour They had the yanks in a bit of a twirl..... Their was only one answer to this fight..... The red white and blue release that bomb with all it's might...... That ...
Personal category: The Honda men are here again beware....|3517 views|0 comments Popularity 3
Share the rainbow of life
2015-5-3 07:38
Have you ever seen a rainbow..... Sitting high in the sky..... It is most pleasant and lovely to the eye..... The colors are so lovely and so bright..... Then you look again and see into the long ago past..... It is just like the lovely rainbow as it went past..... You think of the brightness that was long ago..... And you look again at the rainbow one more time..... And you see the memories long ago over time..... Yes the rainbow is bright and full of delight..... And the m ...
3518 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share China has every right to march and remember with sadness the world war 11 victor
2015-5-1 07:34
I read with interest that the "director of asian affairs in the white house" Evan Medeiros has made a controversial statement regarding the announcement by China that the victory of The Chinese Peoples War of Resistance in the 1940's was to be celebrated and remembered this year in China. Mr Evan Medeiros in his astounding piece of political wisdom has made a statement that is absolutely non of his business. The &nbs ...
Personal category: Please stop the "China bashing&|3732 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share The Abe and Obama show
2015-4-30 07:11
Well it seems like "Abbott and Costello" comedy show of the last century has now been reinvented and renamed. Now this century we have the "Abe and Obama" show. At a recent meeting of the Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the USA president Obama, Mr Obama has pointed out the "China is flexing it"s muscles" in the so called "Diaoyou Islands dispute". Is it the "Pot calling the kettle black". Who ...
Personal category: The two greates comedians of this centur|3845 views|0 comments Popularity 7
Share Anzac day celebrations in Australia
2015-4-25 05:39
Today 25/04/2015. Today in Australia we celebrate "Anzac Day" "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps".. Today it is 100 years since the Australian soldiers landed in a place called "gallipoli" situated in Turkey. Anzac is a day of rememberance for soldiers sailor and airforce who were killed or injured in all past wars and peace keeping missions. Today many old soldiers will march and wear their medals on their right hand side of their ches ...
Personal category: Anzac day in Australia|923 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share the new laws on anti smoking in china
2015-4-17 09:12
Interesting to see that chins is about to implement some smoking restrictions in public places. Well some restrictions were implemented in Australia several years ago and it is a better place to live for non smokers and young children who sometimes have no choice with smoking parents. But just one question If smoking is restricted then some people will smoke only in their own homes "which is their right off course" but what about the rights of the children in the house? ...
Personal category: the new laws on smoking?|953 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share What is this about the worlds nastiest animals what garbage
2015-4-16 06:54
I read with interest about "the worlds nastiest animals" an article by "Perfemicity". Whilst i respect all articles or blogs as they are called, i must say i was astounded by her comments about the lovely animals. These animals live in the wild but Perfemicity compares the animals lives to lives of human being who live in houses? These animals have in some cases been living in the natural environment for millions of years. The animals have not c ...
Personal category: lovely animals in the world|1074 views|0 comments Popularity 4
Share The new asian bank AIIB
2015-4-14 07:43
I read with interest about the new bank the Chinese generated bank that will provide funds for Asian development. A brilliant idea and lets hope it is not like the american led world bank that could be considered "Politically Motivated" in some ways. I guess the AIIB will learn from the world banks track record that whilst politics is there and it will always be a factor, the new bank must act according to it"s charter and not be "sidetracked" b ...
Personal category: the test of the bank|740 views|0 comments Popularity 2
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