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The Japanese Historian"and his story of woe"

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It is time to listen to the historian from Japan
It is simple i have a plan
Let us just wipe the history from the books
And then our children"The Japanese children" will never know how it really looks
Let us forget about what the Japanese did in the 1940's
And all those horrible things of the past
Yes if us Japanese historians just forget it happened  in the past
Maybe it will go away like dust and be unhappened "no such word i know"
Yes we know the Chinese will never forget the carnage and rape
But we prefer to let it go under the mat and continue on our way in Japan
Because that has always been our evil Plan of Japan 
Some people in this world think it is time for us "The Japanese"
To set things more at ease
They say the history books should show the real Story 
And reveal  it all in it"s entire   Unglory to reveal 
But alas we are Japanese  and we have a policy never to  reveal
So let us "Japanese" go on in our disneyland approach to the unreal
Let us just relax and maybe it will just go away in time and never have to deal
But no the Chinese are like elephants and they seem to never forget the duress
Well i cannot blame them i guess as  13 million people died in distress
But now Obama has offered his condolences to those killed in the bomb
Yes good to see at least someone admits what happened
But alas us historians will follow the Japanese Rule and  never want to reveal
never ever admit  that what we did was entirely Cruel

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-30 08:42
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-6-1 19:45
Is China going to forget what happened in China during the 1950's and '60's?
40 million is a conservative number.

if you are going to point fingers at others, take a look closer to home as well.
Reply Report Donald_Trump 2016-6-1 20:53
BlondeAmber: Is China going to forget what happened in China during the 1950's and '60's?
40 million is a conservative number.

if you are going to point fingers a ...
Calm down there BonedAmber...I don't think the OP was pointing fingers but just passing on what a lame historian wrote.
Reply Report phantomguy 2016-6-2 05:03
This is a poetic account concerning the invasion of China bye Japan in the 1940's and the subsequent lack of historical reporting particularly in the Japanese education system.  What happened is factual,the lack of response by Japan is not acceptable.  I do now wish to get into tit for tat exchanges with blonde amber who seems to delight in throwing mud to avoid the reality of situations.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-6-4 11:18
BlondeAmber: Is China going to forget what happened in China during the 1950's and '60's?
40 million is a conservative number.

if you are going to point fingers a ...
hahaha, no. That didn't happened, all exaggerated by foreign media sources. Approximately one persons died as a result of that man.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-6-5 19:21
Evidently some people are not satisfied with the REALITY: that Japan is a resource-poor island with a population 1/10 of China's that can NEVER be a "great power" again. "Carrying-on" about Japan is just a way for Chinese to AVOID the REALITY of the REFORMS they need to make to their OWN country.
Reply Report phantomguy 2016-6-5 21:22
Your comments are noted and thank you Ted180.  Buth the fact that Japan is a a suggested resource poor island had nothing at all to do with what i am saying, you are going off track.  My comments stand as they are.  No one is "Carrying on" as you suggest but stating the facts..  I suggest you get real and make comments that are relative to the original blog that i made rather then going off track to suit your own endevours ,,  But, again thank your for your comments.
Reply Report phantomguy 2016-8-16 12:10
Japan is also moralistically  poor.
Reply Report renhong 2017-1-18 14:22
What's your opinion?

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