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The Abe and Obama show

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Well it seems like  "Abbott and Costello" comedy show of the last century has now been reinvented and renamed.  Now this
century we have the  "Abe and Obama" show.   At a  recent meeting of the Japanese  Prime Minister  Abe and the USA 
president Obama,  Mr  Obama  has pointed out the "China  is flexing it"s muscles" in the  so called  "Diaoyou Islands dispute".
Is it the  "Pot  calling the kettle black".  Who exactly is flexing their muscle?  It would appear that the USA is actually flexing
it"s muscle by saying that it will stand by  the Japanese in the South China Sea.   I truly believe that any historian worth his
or her salt would have no doubt at all the the Diaoyou Islands belong to China.  The Chinese are great diplomats and they have
not come out with all this "bullying tactics".  We all know that China is  not a war monger and history has proven this correct, but can a true historian say that Japan or in fact USA has a history of being involved in wars?  I am not going to be the judge and jury here in "The South China Sea Dispute" but  "blind freddy without his glasses" can see that the Chinese are in fact standing
up for a principal here.   And once again Mr  Abe has failed to recognize the acts relating to "the comfort women". As usual Mr
Abe has sidetracked  the situation and just   renamed  these  women "illegal trafficking victims".  When is Japan going to come clean and face the facts "perhaps never"  does a leopard ever change it"s spots?  Sadlly no.    All readers of this blog  can  make their own decisions but please do not be fooled by words and how they can be "machined",as the Japanese have in fact beeen 
doing for  many many years.   Look at the facts'''    Look at the history of the countries involved"".  ""Make your own decision"
From  the one who speaks his mind   Phantomguy

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