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Share The Work Of China In Africa
2016-2-10 20:36
China's development has contributed immensely in making the world a better place. As the country continues to prosper, its influence can be gradually felt throughout the world. President Xi's pledge to assist Africa in its development with a 60 billion dollar fund during the China-Africa summit shows how committed China is in helping Africa develop. In Ghana, China's good work has led to the construction of new railways, power stations, telecommunications, hydroelectric dams and drainage s ...
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Share The Role Of China In The Middle East
2016-1-23 23:45
President Xi Jinping’s first international trip in 2016 was to the Middle East. His visit to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran signifies the importance that China attaches to cooperation with the three countries and the region as a whole. As China continues to rise, its influence can be felt across the globe. In the Arab world, the country plays a vital role as a promoter of peace and prosperity in the region. China’s announcement to set up a 20 billion dollar inve ...
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Share Peace In Our Time
2015-12-23 01:23
Peace can be defined as the state of tranquility or quietness. It is a virtue that enables us to live in harmony with ourselves and with one another. It is also a guiding principle that has contributed immensely in shaping our way of life as a civilization and as a race. In the absence of peace among individuals, there is distress and agitation. Among groups and organizations be it small or little, it could lead to conflicts, violence and even wars. The evidence of w ...
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Share Air Pollution
2015-11-23 04:48
Air pollution can be defined as the contamination of the air by harmful substances. Air is one of the free gifts we are blessed to have from the planet. We breathe it in order to survive and make our body function properly. Where there is the absence of air, living creatures often find it difficult to cope with life and death eventually becomes inevitable. The air we breathe, that atmospheric subs ...
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2015-10-5 21:40
It is innovative, it is economical, it has got quality, and it is made in China. From electrical appliances to bags, toys, dresses and even foodstuffs, made in China products are part of our everyday life. They have not only contributed in making our world a relatively comfortable place but they have also provided job opportunities to countless number of people both in China and the world as a whole. Our world will probably be a much difficult place th ...
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Share Sustainable Development And What It Means For Our Future
2015-8-9 15:34
Sustainable development is the process of achieving human development goals in perpetual harmony with the natural resources and ecosystem that exists around them. As a precursor to the Millennium Development Goals which is set to end in 2015, Sustainable Development tackles pressing issues that currently affect the human race and provide possible solutions which when enforced, can go a long way to improve the quality of life we experience as a rac ...
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Share The Promises Of A Long Life
2015-7-21 01:51
How does it feel to be identified as a healthy young person at the age of 250? Eyes working well, no missing teeth, no bald head, and possibly kissing goodbye to the failure of recognizing your spouse or kid due to dementia . Sounds like sci-fiction but it could become a reality in the nearby future. Over the past century, life expectancy has increased drastically from just over 30 to 80 years in some developed countries. The rea ...
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Share Rising Sea Level And Its Meaning For Us
2015-7-7 16:01
Third from the sun in the family of planets that revolve around our star is the beautiful planet Earth. Through out the annals of time, she has provided shelter and a safe haven for diverse forms of life who have no doubt left their indelible mark on her like the dinosaurs, and even the mammoths. She now faces a rather peculiar, sophisticated and highly intelligent race called humans and we have been running the show for quite some time now. &nbs ...
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  • China's Good Work In Africa 2016-1-10 19:28

    dusty1: Taking credit from the West and their good work for the Ebola outbreak what did the Chinese do?
    Quote : ["China has provided rounds of emergency assistance to affected areas, sent over 1,000 experts and doctors on infectious diseases and trained altogether more than 10,000 local doctors since the outbreak, making great contributions to the elimination of the virus." ]   

    Quote from

  • China's Good Work In Africa 2016-1-9 17:11

    futsanglung: Policy? What policy? Where is that policy written down?
    China's win-win policy. If you didn't know, that is alright. A China critic of your calibre is expected to know though (just for fun).

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