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Share China's Strategy for Sea Power Breakout
2015-6-21 19:13
Having recognized the strategic advantages of U.S. and India over the ocean, China is in a position to set accordingly the goals of its blue-water navy. The priority should still be Western Pacific, not because of the economic interests it implies – China’s principal economic interest zones are currently South China Sea and Indian Ocean – but because of the ample leeway it provides. It is of course no optimum route to reach China’s interest zones via Pacific, but reserving that ...
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Share On the Strategic Advantages of India and U.S.
2015-6-21 17:20
The future for China’s revival is undoubtedly lying with the ocean. In terms of strategy, the sea in fact offers a larger strategic space than the continent. Borderlines on the land are clearly defined – even at disputed places there is an actual line of control – while most of the ocean is international waters that any nation has the right to come through. With a powerful navy island countries like Britain and Japan are able to possess adequate strategic depth. Speaking of the ...
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Share Dialogues
2015-6-12 20:34
Aside from the themed posts of the original author, insightful comments from other forumites are also on my list for translation. Below are two sets of dialogues, one on the impact of latitude, the other on the strategic foci of China. Dialogues on the Impact of Latitude 【Forumite A commenting on the post of the original author】 It is not of much use to overemphasize on history, whose general trajectory is the continual invasion ...
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Share Further Discussion on India and China
2015-6-2 21:50
Many friends have constantly reminded me of the many differences between India and China, which I am fully aware of. No two countries would ever be exactly the same; it is the reasons which set India and China, the two great civilizations in the East, on different tracks that call for careful study, hence the zeal for comparison. From a solely geopolitical view, ancient India’s geographic status was so much better than that of ancient China: the Indian Ocean surrounds both sides o ...
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Share Additional Comments on China’s Ethnic Policy
2015-5-29 09:34
Additional Comments on China’s Ethnic Policy While we are on the subject of China’s geopolitical status, we might as well dig a little deeper. It should be fully recognized that problems remain plenty for China in spite of the improved situation. In a word, thorough integration of the frontier must be ensured, in which case Japan is a very bad example – suppose Japan knew when to stop and took some time to digest what it had annexed, Taiwan, if not Chi ...
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Share On Thalassocracy
2015-5-24 12:33
Unlike that of the Orient, the occidental history centered on the contest for thalassocracy, which in turn revolved around gaining supremacy over the Mediterranean Sea due to the restraints of maritime navigation of ancient times. The wars between Rome and Carthage were actually the “dialogues” between the strongests of the time, the heritage of which was the lasting impact of Rome on Europe over millenniums. In fact European version of the world ...
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Share I A Comparison on the Geopolitical Features of India and China
2015-5-24 09:52
Chapter I A Geopolitical Blueprint for China’s Revival I A Comparison on the Geopolitical Features of India and China There have been numerous articles about India from various perspectives: military, political, ethnical, and so on. Honestly I have never been to that country, but I enjoy reading history and studying maps. So I would like to initiate a discussion on India’s geopolitical status quo from ...
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Share Preface (by the original author)
2015-5-15 12:22
Preface The idea of analyzing international relations from a geopolitical point of view was sparked by a flash of inspiration that India and China seem to share quite a bit of resemblance in their geopolitical structures, and thus the post – Comparison on the Geopolitical Features of India and China. Many friends think this is a good place to start, an encouragement that has prompted me to expand my vision from around China to around the world, hence t ...
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Share Foreword (by ME, the translator)
2015-5-15 12:19
Foreword This is a translation of a Chinese thread on international politics, which I find immensly enlightenning. I introduce this thread for three reasons: first, its approach is mainly analytical and diagnostic; second, it focuses on relatively objective factors, namely geography and its impact on human thoughts and behaviors; third, because of the previous two reasons its insight is of great value. I am impressed not only by the author's insight but his perseverance as well. He sta ...
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