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Share Poem: Questioning the World
shehemego 2018-6-11 14:37
The poems below are written on my own in English and in Chinese. Please pick one for reading or both if you know these two languages. Questioning the World What a Universe, Milky Way and Star-covered Sky! You together made a cradle for the Earth, Embracing this blue water ball. Dating from when, billions of years of love Has been paid to bring up the child. Oh, my mysterious world, please tell m ...
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shehemego 2018-6-4 12:13
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Share The Things NEVER Overcome
shehemego 2018-5-31 10:58
To begin with, I AM PUSHED to say out my new motto first: What U Make makes What U ARE. That's a powerful motto, giving me lots of optimistic ideas. YET, it is only a motto by my mouth if it is not imprinted on my heart, if not being a unwashed belief, or not directing me to live a productive life. When it is just a motto, it is nothing to be talked about with pride. So don't believe in it, if you don't want to try. It's your choice, of course, mine as well. HOWEVER, bad parts always s ...
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Share When can I Save the World?
shehemego 2018-5-3 11:03
I was thinking I was a superhero, not in terms of super powers, but about thoughts. I was always thinking my thoughts could save others, save their emotions, help them out of difficulties or troubles. I was thinking my words were important to others. Now I think I can't save myself though I have made up great thoughts, great reasonings about my difficulties, my troubles. Yet, the thought to save others lingers in my mind. I have read lots of books, learned lots of great minds, great thoug ...
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Share Pen Pal
shehemego 2018-4-16 10:57
I wished to have a pen pal when I was little. Yet, my wishes got "executed" and died out. Since I wrote blogs here, I do have a pen pal here, so amazingly, who by chance met with me. I have read a little story: a kid wrote a letter, put it in a glass bottle, and threw it into the ocean; several years later, the other kid got the bottle and wrote back; then they wrote to each other monthly or yearly, sharing them own stories and emotions. You may have heard this story and find out I mistakenedly ...
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Share March 24
shehemego 2018-3-24 23:52
March 24 I am glad to own a place belonging to myself here on the Internet, that I can talk, express freely. No special things to be mentioned today. But considering I have long been a blogger on China Daily, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. However, without Internet and blogs, like in the ancient times, I might resort to write in the sands with a stick. The disadvantage is I would rub my writings off whenever I finished my words with the sands. Actually, that isn't quite a thing as ...
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Share get busy living or get busy dying
shehemego 2018-3-12 18:03
Suddenly the world stands in front of me with a diferent face. I am scared but I am motivated to face it. I don't want to think about what my life should be, especially when I am lonely. When I am so lonely, I am laden with so much agony that I get lost and could not find any way out. I hope writing this blog could moderate my pain but went speechless all of a sudden. I have ever thought: I could live the way a simple man did. I could live in a world with trees and birds around me and wi ...
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Share 2018-03-04
shehemego 2018-3-4 20:08
slave of the environment is slaving your heart. I am not becoming an emotional person but I seem not a chance to change who I am right now. Focusing on your part, your path. It is OK to ignore what is around you. I want to be a self-satisfied person, not have to been satisfied by the environment. But how hard it is. Moody comes and comes and leaves and leaves as the environment changes and changes and changes and changes. How can I do to make all the change. Not influenced by the envi ...
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Share Casual Composion of a little Chinese poem
shehemego 2018-3-1 14:46
作于元宵 春花烂漫固然好, 花未谢时人去了。 何时闲庭赏闲月, 年华虽逝人不老。 written on the 15th of the first lunar month of China Spring brings flowers blosoming, but leaving off home comes before their withering. When sitting around the gardon with a tranquil moon above the head, Aging shall come but youth is evergreen in the heart.
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Share Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted
shehemego 2018-2-24 14:02
Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted, but Mother's love is from what to be taken for granted. What I mean is simple. Mother's love comes from no trigger but everyday life with kids. Mothers have no reasons not to care for their kids just as we kids have never got a flash of mind to appreicate our mothers' love. We kids so easily forget or ignore the warmth of Mother's love; we take it for granted. But mothers never stop to take care of us for the sake of their destiny to love thei ...
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