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Lost-in-Feelings Programme Set

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A violent emperor is not stopped by telling him what he should do. He knows what it is good and what is wrong but just forgets, forgets, forgets. He is so deep in feeling full of himself, so full of excitement, what people call madness instead. He is the victim who people hope him to be good but don’t help him out.


I can’t control my feelings. I keep wanting excitement of laughter and keep feeding myself entertainments, keep watching people laugh and make jokes. I keep wanting excitement of anxiety and keep feeding myself self-conscientiousness, keep regarding people around superior and feel ashamed of myself. I keep wanting excitement of “that’ is life” and keep feeding myself contents of that, keep falling, falling, falling deep down and regard myself as a living creature. Yes, I am a living creature but maybe more than that.


My feelings stop time, stop growth, stop exposure with nature and man. Internet helps a lot(of course not including writing here, you see I am sober and clear-minded now).


Living environment really influences a man, from his birth to childhood to adolescence and to more after. I see I am shaped by my past which I hate but I accept it now. I see I can change the bad influence on me of my past through a long period of my rest of life. Which means I will be tortured by the influence until it stops influencing me. I am living with it everyday. I try to smile at it but sometimes let it ruin my whole day. As though I am set a programme, I just do what it writes.


Yes, I am set a programme, I just do what it writes(what people call a lie or self-deception).




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Recent comments

  • Easy to Predict the man of Thirty in the Future 2019-7-14 17:51

    So delighted to read your reply-comment that can touch the depth of my heart! The text goes like poem which looks like mirror reflecting the reality. I think you do have talent ability on writing! We bloggers should tell the truth about real life. Only in this way our blogs can attract more reader friends!
    This conclusion is also fit for career. To work with brain and heart and win the sweet fruits!

  • Easy to Predict the man of Thirty in the Future 2019-7-14 16:11

    SEARU: ABOUT "I look at storys of millionairs, "?

    Is it necessary to be fortune-teller?
    A real man should do things with strong determin ...
    Yes, my friend. Thanks for your advice. I am a young man, just graduacted last year. So I have worked for a year. And now sometimes or when I am bored, not knowing any thing I could do, then I lose passion and become sad. Strong determination is quite important.

    But now I am testing myself if I can fit in the job. I am not sure when I will quit or continue. I find out that I know so little as a young man. People of 30 years old or in their forties are superior to me and I seem to be just a little boy who knows so little and not independant in working, asking for help so often. So and so on.

    And society of an industry is sometimes not that simple as I think. You have to make people like you, trust you and serve them well. I feel so tried of this. And sad, then depressed.

    Only knowing that life is going on, keep moving. try to forget the sad mood, immersed in work, being self-forgotten is the only way out. I dont know if it is right. I just can't help.

    Anyway, thank you for your point "strong determination". I will keep that in mind.

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