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When can I Save the World?

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I was thinking I was a superhero, not in terms of super powers, but about thoughts. I was always thinking my thoughts could save others, save their emotions, help them out of difficulties or troubles. I was thinking my words were important to others.

Now I think I can't save myself though I have made up great thoughts, great reasonings about my difficulties, my troubles. Yet, the thought to save others lingers in my mind.

I have read lots of books, learned lots of great minds, great thoughts, whatever from China or from the West. They can't save me.

With regard to this fast-growing technology, the Internet, I think blogging is a way for me to save others with my thoughts.

The fact is that now I am a patient of my experiences as well as a great thinker of my past. I can't save myself out of my situation but with great hope my thoughts for my weakness may save others. I couldn't prove they are the medicine for others when they can't heal my illness. I am in a dilemma.

Now here is my medince (judge it good or bad by yourself):
The environment (including people around us, our experiences, our past) is passive to us human. What makes who we are depends on the reaction we take, passive or active. If the our reaction against the environment is passive, we are overwhelmed by the environment. If we tends to be active with the environment, we make our way throught the environment. The conclusion is clear: Be active with the environment and have fun.

My medince looks good, wonderful for me but cannot heal my headaches yet.

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  • Easy to Predict the man of Thirty in the Future 2019-6-18 15:58

    ABOUT "I look at storys of millionairs, "?

    Is it necessary to be fortune-teller?
    A real man should do things with strong determination who may probably get success! Or no way out!

  • What Position Determines What Work 2019-1-29 20:50

    If you admit failure, that is equal to putting yourself into prison!  Then success will never meet you who will certainly leave you and fly away!

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