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getting down is the start for getting right just as getting up is the start for getting in peace. why there is always a saying going like so--as human beings, seven emotions and six desires are always around us. We could not have any possibility to get rid of them. But knowing every of them is in the circle of changing, there is no need getting too much upset.

Writing this blog means now I am not so myself but every man has the time of so. Accept it and turn to the next. We are doing so without a stop throughout our life.

Always keep "simple life brings happiness" in mind.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 07:49
Have you ever seen the show 'The Simple Life'? It was an American TV show featuring millionaires Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and it was about them living the so-called simple life like the simple western masses do. The point of the show was to make fun of the simple masses for the enjoyment of the American elite. This is actually the point of 99% of US media now. Every commercial, every show, every movie, every news item - the point of it all is to humiliate the simple masses for their simp!e and pathetic lives. The simple masses are like sheep you know - they barely even know that they are alive. Its quite funny.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 07:51
But some of them do know that they are alive. For them all of this constant humiliation they must endure must upset them you would think.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 07:52
I know.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 08:17
It wasn't always this way you know. Yesterday I was at my parents house and my little sister is still on holidays from uni. Still. Uni students don't spend much time at uni do they? I mean she has been at uni for about 10 years but she doesn't seem to actually have to go to uni much. Never had a job. She must be close to 30. Anyway she is watching Die Hard movies on one of the movie channels for some reason. Kind of. In between messing around with her phone. Die Hard 2 is on and it is at the end on the runway of the airport and Bruce Willis has defeated the terrorists ( European not Muslim ) and he is looking for his wife that was stuck on a plain unable to land due to the terrorist plot - so he is all busted up with blood and a broken arm by the look of him - and he is looking for his wife - worried at she may not be safe - and he is yelling "Holly! Holly! Holly!" And then he sees that his wife is safe as she comes to emergency exit of the plane. She comes down and they embrace. Love. I say to my sister " They get divorced you know. " And she says "Really?" And I say "Yep." I explained to her that the world was a better place in the 90s and we had media that actually celebrated love,  but since about the year 2000 Satan has taken control and now we have media that only promotes evil. Now we cannot have media that celebrates love - we must only have media that destroys the idea. I explained that it was certainly no accident that the American powers that be decided to make Bruce Willis and his wife divorced in future Die Hards. The masses must know that love is not real - even for Bruce Willis and his wife in Die Hard. That way a simple persons wife is far more likely to have an affair with some 'elite' American at some point. The simple masses must know that there is no love for them and they cannot trust another soul - not even their soulmate.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 08:18
And you won't pay me? You won't pay me? I am a danger to you all out here.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 08:21
Remember fhe 80s? When all US media celebrated the simple masses of the US 'fly over states'? Highway to Heaven for example? It is my favourite show to watch on YouTube you know. And how every movie, cartoon or TV show promoted ethics and morality? Remember that?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-19 08:21
Remember love? I don't think I can.
Reply Report shehemego 2018-2-23 11:28
HailChina!: Have you ever seen the show 'The Simple Life'? It was an American TV show featuring millionaires Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and it was about them ...
You must have got a lot of feelings for what has been done by American media. Terrorist actions are always big blows in America. Maybe the media knew what "the most familiar" to people is what "the most eye-catching to them" . When peace and prosperity were all around America, the media sold peace and prosperity; when terrorist actions and "having fun of the disadvantaged" are so permeated in people's hearts, especially the rich, the media sell those. Commerce runs as it does but we can be not just as what the reality tells us. We may be different from people of other times; yet, we must share the same nature of being. No matter what "realtiy" shows us, the nature of being shall lead us half step forward with half step in thinking through "reality". The reality is so complicated that unveiling real happiness out of simple life will be so precious and cherished.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-23 13:18
shehemego: You must have got a lot of feelings for what has been done by American media. Terrorist actions are always big blows in America. Maybe the media knew  ...
Never ending 'war on terror' is no accident. With capitalists or against them. And yes change in media and CIA taking complete control is no accident. These actions are actually proof of how scared and weak the American 'elite' are and people hate them more now than in the 90s. JJ  Abraham cannot save them. It's only a matter of time. Conditions are now perfect to destroy them

Only simple people can be happy with a simple life. I am not a simple person - I am quite complicated.

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  • Easy to Predict the man of Thirty in the Future 2019-7-14 17:51

    So delighted to read your reply-comment that can touch the depth of my heart! The text goes like poem which looks like mirror reflecting the reality. I think you do have talent ability on writing! We bloggers should tell the truth about real life. Only in this way our blogs can attract more reader friends!
    This conclusion is also fit for career. To work with brain and heart and win the sweet fruits!

  • Easy to Predict the man of Thirty in the Future 2019-7-14 16:11

    SEARU: ABOUT "I look at storys of millionairs, "?

    Is it necessary to be fortune-teller?
    A real man should do things with strong determin ...
    Yes, my friend. Thanks for your advice. I am a young man, just graduacted last year. So I have worked for a year. And now sometimes or when I am bored, not knowing any thing I could do, then I lose passion and become sad. Strong determination is quite important.

    But now I am testing myself if I can fit in the job. I am not sure when I will quit or continue. I find out that I know so little as a young man. People of 30 years old or in their forties are superior to me and I seem to be just a little boy who knows so little and not independant in working, asking for help so often. So and so on.

    And society of an industry is sometimes not that simple as I think. You have to make people like you, trust you and serve them well. I feel so tried of this. And sad, then depressed.

    Only knowing that life is going on, keep moving. try to forget the sad mood, immersed in work, being self-forgotten is the only way out. I dont know if it is right. I just can't help.

    Anyway, thank you for your point "strong determination". I will keep that in mind.

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