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Share Experience
2017-12-19 23:21
&n ...
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Share Learn from lessons and experiences
2017-11-29 00:02
On HongKong star Chen's speech Rencently when I read the newspaper China Daily ,which published a sentence aboutHongKong starChen's speech,"fame is fickle ,popularityis nothing but a mirage ",my heart was deeply touched . One person's life is long but short , no man won't ma ...
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Share WanMing Dynasty calligraphy
2016-7-10 16:57
WanMing Dynasty calligraphy WanMing Dynasty is the most complicated and turbulent period in Chinese history . The peasant army leaded by Lizhicheng in Shanxi province attacked and occupied Beijing which was the capital of Ming Dynasty ,Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself in Coal Mountain .From ...
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Share On Happiness
2016-7-10 14:38
On Happiness People usually look for their happiness from faraway place ,but overlook their inner pleasure beneath their foot . There is the only most richest man in the world ,however every man can reach their happiness peakedness through hard work and indomitable willpower . Happiness ...
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Share Baby is two years old
2016-6-10 23:25
&n ...
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Share on language usage
2016-6-7 22:03
On language usage Language is powerful means of communication which enable us comprehend each other .we can ...
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Share experiencing a profound lesson
2016-5-31 22:30
Experiencing a profound lesson There was a casual incident which has changed m ...
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Share how to be a pleasant man
2016-5-18 23:56
How to be a pleasant man Although east and west culture is greatly different ,but the heartwhat the pursuit of happiness , truth ,wisdom , art etc isidentical , so& ...
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Share market analysis
2016-5-8 02:33
&n ...
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Share free thoughts
2016-5-2 22:22
Free thoughts ...
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      • On Happiness 2017-12-4 16:48


      • On Happiness 2017-12-4 16:44

        If Ty Craig got one of those extreme makeovers like they used to do for very ugly people on that TV show I think he would still he unattractive. So no matter how hard Ty Craig works he will always he unattractive. I wonder if something can be done about his sniffling though. Surely. He should get that fixed for the sake of others. But yeah - no matter how determined or hard hard working Ty Craig is he is always going to be Ty Craig.

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