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                         On  HongKong star Chen's speech
   Rencently when I read  the newspaper China Daily , which published a sentence about HongKong star Chen's speech,"fame is fickle ,popularity is nothing but a mirage ", my heart  was deeply touched . One person's life is long but short , no man won't make mistakes or do wrong things . Whatever we are conscious or not , once we have  realized  our mistakes , we will correct these errors in deeds and morals until  we will finish the distillation of life and the purification of spirits.
   Chen is brave  ,who will gradully  become  a true warrior and wise man through big storm and huge waves .when one person's career attain the summit ,he must be prudent and modest ,because he will understand he is also tiny  even if he have achieved  great success ,as Chinese sayings said " one loses by pride and gains by modesty ". we will learn from very valuable wisdom and experience from other's lessons and faults .
  When one's fame is stricktly injured ,his heart must be painful and intolerable ,simultaneous should be  also strong and unbeatable .As like English classic playwright  and poet Shakespere said :  One person'S life is very short ,however morality can make his life spread to the later generations.This famous quotation ever stimulated me ,encouraged me and gave me emotional touch and vibration of spirit ,when I was in the years of youth and ignorance . At the moment of reading this sentence ,I felt I was touched by electric current instantaneous , I truly understood the value and meaning of  life ,which indicates the  great end of life is not knowledge but action .As time passed ,I increasingly  find the pleasure of life lies  not in material ,wealth,status ,power etc , it lies in the nobility of mind and the wealth of spirit .
   In fact , educationl background and degree can only show you have knowledges ,but it can't  show you certainly  have ability or you will gain  success in your career.Many great person have acquired extraordinary achievement without any degree in human history ,so I am no use self-abasement and self-accusation .Forgetting all the past , from now on, I begin to have a good ,valuable ,comfortable life ,which is doomed to accompany with books ,nature , art , this is my pursuing life . 

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