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Share Beijing approves GMO corn. Bad decision
craig32935 2014-12-20 06:27 GMO's foods have never been proven safe and are suspected in causing many health issues. Nothing like using a population of 1.4 billion to test it further.
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Share Will you make a difference in someones life?
craig32935 2013-8-5 02:32
Will you make a difference in someones life?
Many of us go about our daily lives not giving much thought to others around us and even less to those more distant. We concern ourselves with our own life events. Will I have a good day at work, at school? What should I pack for my lunch box today? Should I buy that new pair of Nike shoes I like? We see others around us all day long. On the street, at work, at the market and never even ask ourselves what their lives are like. How many times do we walk or drive past a homeless person on ...
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