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Will you make a difference in someones life?

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Many of us go about our daily lives not giving much thought to others around us and even less to those more distant. We concern ourselves with our own life events. Will I have a good day at work, at school? What should I pack for my lunch box today? Should I buy that new pair of Nike shoes I like? 

We see others around us all day long. On the street, at work, at the market and never even ask ourselves what their lives are like. How many times do we walk or drive past a homeless person only to avert our eyes so as not draw their attention to us lest they reach out a hand asking for help we inexplicably do not want to give? Maybe we are thinking to ourselves why does that person not go find a job? Why do you stand there and beg every day? We ask ourselves those questions and maybe even pass judgement upon them when we do not even know their story! Maybe we even pass judgement on the person we see give them some money or food. Is it to justify our own failure to act? The entire moment passes in just a few seconds and we go on about our day not giving it another thought.

We continue our day doing the things we do waiting for it to end so we can go home and watch television or interact with others on social media. How many of those social media friends have we never actually known outside of our little electronic world? We share the stories of our lives with each other. Maybe we even share more than we do with our own families, coworkers or classmates if a student. We offer support when they need it. Advice when it's asked for and sometimes even some form of actual assistance! All to someone on the other side of a keyboard or touch screen we may never meet in person. What of that homeless person we saw? 

Maybe we read a story about poor villagers in some distant place or about children that do not have enough to eat. Maybe it's a story about children without the ability to even attend school. We think to ourselves, oh that is terrible why doesn't someone do something? Maybe just, just maybe we lift our little fingers and share that story among our friends feeling satisfied that we somehow did our part! That we made a difference! Did we?

Oh sure we do little things here and there! We put our change in the little donation can on the store or restaurants counter by the register. We buy that candy bar or box of cookies because it says a portion of the proceeds go to support a cause. We give a little to the person that knocks on our door with a can and a cause. They thank us and give us some literature to read and we close the door. Did we give them something because we genuinely felt for their cause or just so they would go away and we could get back to our lives? Did we even listen to what they said? Did we read the literature they gave us or just set on the table for a few days before we tossed it unread into the recycle bin? If someone asked us after we closed door "what was that for?" would we be able to answer them without glancing at the literature?

No one gets through life on their own. Everyone had help. We had parents, teachers, friends. Maybe even an occasional stranger. Someone was always there even if we didn't recognize it at the time. Now it is our turn to pay it forward. If we have the ability to help someone we should just do it. Find a cause you care about and get involved. It does not matter what it is. Just make sure it's something you care about and can make your own. You can't help everyone, but that does not matter. Just do what you can, but please do something. 

Now I would like to share with you what I am doing. I hope you won't mind, but in this way I can show that I am not just a talker, but a doer as well

I wanted to bring your attention to a non-profit organization that is working hard to improve the lives of students in the Guangxi Province, China. These are students from Primary through high school that without help might not be able to afford to attend school. They also help to provide clean water systems, medical care and more. 

This is an independent U.S based organization that relies on donations, sponsors and volunteers. They match sponsors with students of all ages and encourage ongoing contact. It is very inexpensive to sponsor a student. You can sponsor a student for an entire semester for less than the cost of a new pair of Nike shoes or a family dinner out. Please take the time to visit and like their page. Learn what they are all about. Ask questions if you need to and help out if you can. Every child deserves a chance at an education. Please at least share their page and help spread the word so that others can become involved. You can be a part of helping a future generation Contact to support a child. You can also visit the website to learn more about this awesome organization and what they do.

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This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.

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