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Share What is your perception of America?
2014-12-17 22:58
lt;divgt;I have a foreign exchange student that lives with us this year. She is from Taiwan. After being here 6 months I asked her how she liked it? Especially, how did she like the people? She told me she was a little shocked at first. Most of her perceptions of what we Americans were like came from the NBA ( pro basketball) and from movies. When she came she thought most would be rich, athletic, and incredibly nice. She thought the land of opportunity would mean everyone succeeds here. She t ...
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Share Misguided Parents
2014-12-13 06:16
lt;divgt;American parents have really gotten their priorities mixed up. They want to provide the best possible means for their children succeeding, which is great, but they are looking in the wrong direction.American parents have become obsessed with wanting their children to become successful in sports. They are spending their money, and a lot of it, on fitness trainers, sports trainers, travel teams, and much more.amp;nbsp;I am amazed that children as young as 5, are on travel teams in socc ...
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Share Slow down and enjoy
2014-12-11 03:33
brdivdivI have been very fortunate to have traveled over a lot of this world. nbsp;I have been equally blessed to have met many people from every continent. I am sure many of you can say the same thing./divdivbr/divdivAt a very early age I learned that the best way to get people to talk, is to get them to talk about themselves. I do not mean getting them to talk in a boastful or negative way, but the fact of the matter is that it is a subject that they know best. Asking question ...
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Share How about those Chinese parents
2014-12-8 04:50
It seems one of Chinese parents' ultimate dreams is for their child to go to the US to a major university. While all of them would like the university to be an Ivy League school, just being at a good, reputable, university could certainly give their child the competitive edge that they would need to have a prosperous future.nbsp;divI have an English professor from Beijing renting from me for a year along with her 10 year old daughter. She is observing the way American universities teach Engli ...
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Share My first blog.
2014-12-6 08:36
Hello everyone. My name is David and I am from the US. It is Friday night here and I am looking forward to a nice weekend. I hope everyone that reads this will have a really good weekend as well. First item on my blog....... How in the world do I upload pictures on this website? I have picked pictures out, filled in the item description, hit upload...... And nothing. I have downloaded a million pictures from my ipad. Is there something about this website that is different? I would really appreci ...
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