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Misguided Parents

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<div>American parents have really gotten their priorities mixed up. They want to provide the best possible means for their children succeeding, which is great, but they are looking in the wrong direction.American parents have become obsessed with wanting their children to become successful in sports. They are spending their money, and a lot of it, on fitness trainers, sports trainers, travel teams, and much more. I am amazed that children as young as 5, are on travel teams in soccer, basketball, and baseball. What that means is these children are playing 50 to 60 games in a season, instead of the traditional 10 to 15 games. Every weekend they are going to cities all over the country competing against other travel teams. It is exhausting, time consuming, and a real drain on the finances. I talked to one father who said he was spending about 15 to 20 thousand dollars a year on travel soccer. I asked him why and he said it was to help his son get a college scholarship in soccer. It is 3 more years before he would be able to go to college. I responded that he is spending more on the travel teams than his son would receive on a full soccer scholarship. He looked at me with a very blank stare. I love sports, played all through high school and some in college until I got hurt. There is only a very small percentage of high school athletes who will get scholarships for sports. There are a lot of parents who are throwing money out the window chasing these dreams. >We as American, should get our priorities straight and focus more on academics and less on athletics. Unfortunately, we are the exact opposite of the Chinese. If there was a way we could learn from the Chinese parents, and the Chinese parents could learn from the American parents, we would be doing our children a big favor in helping them succeed. Children need to be smart and well rounded, not just smart, and not just good in athletics. </div><div><br></div><div>Do you think we will ever learn?</div>

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