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Share [This is a Repost blog]Save our child, please!A desperate Chinese young couple s
tsd 2015-11-15 18:52
THIS IS A BLOG I REPOSTED FROM MY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS,I TRANSLATED IT INTO ENGLISH, HOPING MORE KIND-HEARTED PEOPLE CAN HELP THEM!!! I BELIEVE MIRACLE WILL APPEAR!! AND GOD BLESS THEM! First of all, I do not expect each of you who came across this article would give me a helping hand, but entreat you to forward it to your social network only by your fingers, hoping to find the right person who can really save my baby's life through continuous spread among circle of frien ...
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Share The world is so big, I want to have a look
tsd 2015-4-23 23:44
This short but refining resignation letter written by a female teacher went viral on Internet recently,and she became famous immediately.Many people contrived to contact with her,intending to know her travel plan and itinery,which has brought tremendous troublesome to her. At an interview,she said she did not want to be focused and be interrupted by others, what she really need is just to travel around peacefully with no special plan.And also, she regarded it as unimportant to become ...
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Share wonderful raining night in spring
tsd 2015-4-8 00:17
Writng in the dark raining night, I sip a cup of tea. Everything is quiet outside at midnight just right now! It is a long time I have not got this feeling. Peace and relaxing. Mixed emotions sneak into my inner heart, intrugering me to write something.but what to write?what to say? I have no idear at all!Maybe I could not adapt to such atmosphere suddenly for I have been exposured to a rustlling and bustling world too long. Anyway,it is ok, just enjoy this tranquil moment, let my fingers crawli ...
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Share so happy to be here
tsd 2015-3-28 11:23
hi everyone,i am new here, i am learning english, and glad to be here to know more people and learn more informations about all kinds of things, that will be interesting ,and i will keep writing frequantly to share my interesting information with you.
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