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Share Learning from my students
2018-3-18 15:17
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Share The 8th ENBA
2015-11-19 13:12
The 8th ENBA
On18th,November,The 8th ENBA BasketballMatch for Masterswas held in East China Normal University,ortobemore accurate,it's an amateur set shot for girls. TeamofSchoolofForeignLanguagesscored9andIcontributed2,nottoo badformehaha,at least above the mean score, althoughIcoulddobetter.Inthe ...
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Share One Hour That Matters Much to Me
2015-10-7 13:02
ThankstothisunexpectedailmentIhad.NowIclearlyrealizethatIamnotanirongirlasIwanttobeandIcan ’ taffordtobeartheworkandassignmentsinmylifeanymore,tobeexact,itistheburdenandpressurecomingalongwiththe ...
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Share The difficulties of aKyoikumama
2015-5-25 23:48
The difficulties of aKyoikumama
Kyoikumama is a Japanese word, which refers to a mother who relentlessly pushes her children toward academic achievement. I happen to know such one, whose unselfish dedication and strict demands towards her son is totally beyond my former experience and imagination. Yeah, I am the English tutor of his ninth grade son. Although I get to know that she is a loving mother and kind employer after getting along with her family, I would never agree with her educational ideas. M ...
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Share What does volunteer work bring to me?
2015-5-20 22:17
What does volunteer work bring to me?
It seems that happy times is always short. Now I miss my partners who have worked with me as volunteers at Taihu MIDI Electronic Music Festival during 15th-17th May in Suzhou very much. After three days’ living together in camps, serving in the rest room for those musicians from all over the world and playing in the amusement park, we have become close friends and known very well about each other. This time, I experienced totally different things as it is a recreational a ...
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Share Acupuncture and my grandpa
2015-5-9 23:02
Acupuncture and my grandpa
About half a month ago, I started feeling certain pain deep in my left ear when I ate chewy food , but I did not pay much attention to it until I realized it might be otitis media. Days ago, I went to see the doctor in campus hospital. The doctor said it had nothing to do with ear disease actually, but was 颞颌关节炎 or “Temporomandiblllar underdevelopment joints arthritis” as I looked it up in the dictionary . LOL. As you may see in the picture below, now I am under a 10-day c ...
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Share Onlinevoting applied in early school education
2015-4-29 16:48
From time to time, I receive web links from my friends either on wechat or on QQ, even friends of friends’. I am asked to vote for them or their friends because they take some kind of competitions, (such as singing contest, dancing contest,running for monitor, and application for scholarship, almost any contest you can imagine)and thus need popularity (人气) to add scores. That is part of the total score, which doesn’t reflect their real capability but their international ...
Personal category: review|2595 views|0 comments Popularity 11
Share Have a Picnic on Spring Day
2015-4-12 21:04
Have a Picnic on  Spring Day
We are classmates. We are roommates. We are close friends. We are best sisters. We have stayed together for 4 years since we entered Zhengzhou University. How time flies! Now, we are leaving this place soon and drift apart for diverse purposes-either further our graduate study or work. It is rare to see blue sky and white cloud on such a good spring day in Zhengzhou. Let us bathe in the sun, sit on the grassland, eat the delicious snacks and appreciate the beautiful sceneries. Just enjo ...
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Share An foodie and Her Mango
2015-4-8 21:33
An foodie and Her Mango
Tonight, when I ate themango, something novel occured to me. Why not try another method to eat the mango? Usually I just peel a mango with my hand beforeputting it intomy mouth. The result is thatthe juice is all around my mouth and I have towash my mouth after that. So atthis time,I cut itinto two partswith a knife and then cut the flesh into small cubics onone part. What about another part then? Iate it inthe old wa ...
Personal category: Hobbies|1260 views|0 comments Popularity 4
Share Don't We All
2015-3-4 17:34
Don't We All
Today, I saw the old tramp again when I got off bus and headed for home. So glad and excited was I to find him after two days. He was rummaging in the garbage to seek out some edible things to fill his belly. I happened to have some snacks with me, so I gave it to him and left peacefully. I have to confess my guilty and embarrassment here. The day before yesterday, I saw the wanderer for the first time near my home. He was doing the same thing ...
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Recent comments
  • Acupuncture and my grandpa 2018-4-8 19:49

    Your grandpa is a very special person. You are lucky to have his wisdom to learn from. Enjoyed your story. Thanks

  • Learning from my students 2018-3-19 09:28

    You are doing good with your students I think.Way to go.

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