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Share Giving Attention to Alzheimers
2014-12-12 15:13
Giving Attention to Alzheimers
When people get elder, it is easy for them to suffer from mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease. They just forget something, not serious illness of their mind. Please give your attention and patient to those lovely people with dementia because each of us has aged parents or grand parents, and we ourselves will get aged one day in the future. Once I watched a micro film online, which deeply impressed me. Named "Packaging", it tells a storiette about a son and his father wh ...
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Share The best mistakes I have made
2014-12-8 22:14
I am always a well-behaved students known to my teachers and classmates since my entry into college. Seldom missing a class before, now, however, I have been absent from class many times this semester. Yesterday, I received a warning from my instructor that my leave has met the upper limit. Shocked! Worried! What have I done! These mistakes could possibly ruin my final academic results and even scholarship. I don’t regret my class-skipping behavior though. I asked for leave all f ...
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Share After Cold Wind Blows
2014-12-4 20:15
After Cold Wind Blows
Amazing to see such clean and azure sky? This is not "APEC Blue", but ZZU Blue, hahaha~ Almost all of my classmates andeven pedestrians on the street, including me were complaining abouttoday's windy weather, especially in this freezing winter. Although there areheat systemsrunningin our classroom and dormitory, we just can't escape the sub-zero temperature in the open air. You barely see any student who doesn'twear his or her scarf, gloves, mask or w ...
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Share Seat Reservation System in ZZU Library
2014-11-25 22:10
Seat Reservation System in ZZU Library
Are you tired of getting up early in the morning and lining up at the gate of our library to hunt for a seat? Are you annoyed by those students who occupy seats with their books or even a piece of paper? ZZU library has taken a serious of actions to meet students' need at the beginning of this semester, including transforming reading rooms into study rooms, adding more desks and chairs in public resting space, and exercising strict control over occupying seats. Despite all these ...
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Share International Mayor's Forum on Tourism
2014-11-16 10:00
On 15th, November, Opening Ceremony of IMFT 2014 amp; Unveiling Ceremony of Henan Observatory on Sustainable Tourism, UNWTO was helding at Zhengzhou International Confrence and Exhibition Center. The forum will last 5 days, from 15th to 19th, November.divThe International Mayor's Forum on Tourism(IMFT)–Zhengzhou, China is a gand tourism event with the most nbsp;prospective and global cooperative signativenance that has appeared in world tourism circles in recent years. The IMFT is sponsored ...
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Share One-day Tour in Zhengzhou
2014-11-9 08:11
One-day Tour in Zhengzhou
As we don't have classes on Friday, I proposed to have a one-day tour to some historical attractions in Zhengzhou, namely Ruins of Shang Dynasty Park, Town's God Temple, as well as Confucious Temple. Although they are not famous landmarks, these historic buildings are of cultural significance and give character to this city. We took the subway to Zijingshan Station and then walked along Renmin Road towards its cross with Shangcheng Road, where there was Ruins of Shang D ...
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Recent comments
  • Acupuncture and my grandpa 2018-4-8 19:49

    Your grandpa is a very special person. You are lucky to have his wisdom to learn from. Enjoyed your story. Thanks

  • Learning from my students 2018-3-19 09:28

    You are doing good with your students I think.Way to go.

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