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Share The Cheapest Way to Show Love
2014-11-8 22:08
It was the third time I witnessed the public display of affection happening at the front of my dormitory building. Hundreds of candles, hundreds of balloons, hundreds of roses won a girl’s heart. Hundreds of boring people even lifted their mobile phones and put the photos on the Wechat, adding, “If I am that girl, I’ll agree.” Obviously, the heroine wasshocked by the magnificent scene and nodded without hesitation. Finally, they clung desperately together. What a happy ending. The rec ...
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Share If we legalize drugs...
2014-11-1 00:24
Yes, you read right, if I'm the president, I'll legalize drugs. In China, we are all instilledan idea into our mind, that is, the western people are liberal and freedom, which leads me to prove it in my own. This summer, I travelled to some European countries, and I should say, I finally understand now. It's for nothing but not abstinence. I mean, we all know, all of the people have desires. Therefore, the western governments don't refrain them, but just requires the appropriate amount ...
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Share Lijiang--a place that you'll never forget
2014-10-30 18:43
Well, perhaps when you asked the proposal for your journey plan, most of your friends will recommend LIJIANG. Do trust them, they're right.However now, what I want to convey is not its amazing scenery that impress you a lot, but its feeling. When we rent a car, driving aimlessly on the highway, we're sure thatour direction is absolutely right, because there exists only one way that every car headed for one destination--Lijiang. Hearing the soft music, seeing the airplanes up and do ...
Personal category: Journey|2891 views|0 comments Popularity 4
Share Which country do you want to live in?
2014-10-29 21:30
Recently, I'mconsideringa question. If I'm not born in China, where should I be now?Struggling todraw my feet out of the sand ofSahara, or living like a princess in a castle near the Lake Geneva?I stopped my lunatic thought until a friend mocked me as a lunatic. Well, I won't grudge her. I just believe asmy friend,shedoesn't at leastunderstand me. Now I announce: we break up and never make up. I like day-dreaming, because when I read ...
Personal category: reflection|3349 views|0 comments Popularity 11
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