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If we legalize drugs...

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Yes, you read right, if I'm the president, I'll legalize drugs.

In China, we are all instilled an idea into our mind, that is, the western people are liberal and freedom, which leads me to prove it in my own. This summer, I travelled to some European countries, and I should say, I finally understand now.

It's for nothing but not abstinence. I mean, we all know, all of the people have desires. Therefore, the western governments don't refrain them, but just requires the appropriate amount. As far as I'm concerned, I totally agree with them.

In terms of drug-taking, the government shouldn't restrict.

First, people have rights to do what he wants with his own life as long as he doesn't interfere with other's pursuit of happiness. So why do we throw them into prisons? I feel sympathy with them. One of my teachers, studying in USA for years, has forced to suck a whiff of opium, but his mind didn't enslave. He wasn't caught in it. This case vivdly told us, if the drug-takers' acts with constraint, they won't fall in the trap.

Having said that, in fact, I even deliberated some measures (If I'm not the president in the future, it maybe a loss. A joke...).

There is an old saying, in order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required. So where on earth do the drugs come from? Well, I don't know, maybe the government don't know, either. But what we truly know that there exists smuggling and bootlegging. Back to my opinion, if we legalize grugs, the smuggling will decrease. All drugs are available and sell them at cost. Label them with a precise description of what effect the drug will have on the taker. Additionally, the drug sellers should open their shops near the government, as I see it, one in a city is enough.

Secondly, some sane people won't be addicted to drugs beacause they know the harm in advance, but hoe to deal with the insane people. They can kill themselves if they choose. We also educate them, and do some special activities to influence them for better.

I insist the world tends to legalize drugs. It's like alcohol, they are same thing. At first, the alcohol is illegal for the children's sake. But finally, every adults have rights to taste its flavour.

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