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Which country do you want to live in?

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Recently, I'm considering a question. If I'm not born in China, where should I be now? Struggling to draw my feet out of the sand of Sahara, or living like a princess in a castle near the Lake Geneva? I stopped my lunatic thought until a friend mocked me as a lunatic.

Well, I won't grudge her. I just believe as my friend, she doesn't at least understand me. Now I announce: we break up and never make up. I like day-dreaming, because when I read a research, it told me someone who like day-dreaming will be a smart person. I want to prove its validity. Now, turn back to my point. I went to seven countries when I was a freshman. Every time when I stepped onto an unknown land, I'll be curious about everything that comes into view. In Malaysia, I was fond of its coffee bean and gas price. Our guide told me their gas price is lower than you expect. And even though they live in the developing country, the taxes people imposed will never be wasted. In Singapore, I was completely jealous of their life. I can't help citing an incisive sentence----we're all Chinese, why there exists a huge gap between us. Each people in Singapore can possess a house, and the government is trying to narrow the gap between rich and poor and generally speaking, the problem that is regarded as an invincible hurdle improved a lot in Singapore. To learn further, I even got into a living community. Well, they live heavenly, I can say. In Thailand, I seemed to feel the power of their monarch. The monarch is keeping their people from the suffering, every time and everywhere. I also felt the power of Buddism. They have their own faith and belief,  leading them to do in a proper way.

However, to the contrary, lliving in China, could it not, is a brilliant chance. Now, it edges into one of the largest economic union, and in the near future, it'll do better. Well, most of you will say it's none of our business, but we are all influenced by our surroundings, our hapiness is closed to our country's power. Additionally, we should admit that chinese environment is in the rank of the safest countries in the world. People live in harmony, at least, they can't solve the problems with guns. Also, all the chinese have a great sense of uplift. Students work hard for good job. Adults grasp every chance to increase the life's quality. Even the thieves choose the rich men to get more. Imagine, if we live in the mountain of great benefits, how could we make progress and fill our desire?

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