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Share How Mencius's Mother Teaches Her Son “孟母三迁”
adele001 2014-10-22 15:40
When Mencius was young, his family lived near a cemetery, fully exposed to funeral ceremonies. He and his playmates imitated burying and mourning proceedings. Mencius' mother thought the surroundings were not good for his education so she decided to move. They moved to a place next to a fair, and Mencius began to learn the ways of business people, bargaining and haggling. His mother didn't want her son to become a businessman so s ...
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Share Are you an English major? What kind of job can you find?
adele001 2014-10-18 21:29
Hey, guys, this is my first article here, and first time to express my opinion. First, I would like to show my great gratitude to China Daily for the platform it has provided for us to express our idea and share our life. Thanks. Dear friends, what are you doing recently? For me, it is quite busy period. As an graduate students who are going to graduate from the university and throw oneself into the ...
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