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Report clivegreen 2017-10-12 10:20
Yes, I completely agree with you Eddie.

While it is true that a few things you originally listed are now a bit easier, having a proper ID card for foreigners would be much better! And by that, I do NOT mean the green card!!!

I actually got  my green card in November 2016, and the updated (chipped) version of it in August 2017. I’d originally assumed it would work just like a regular citizen's card in most respects. Nope! In particular, I have found that using the card number as a form of ID online is usually impossible. This is going to become increasingly important as more and more of our affairs are conducted online.

As you know, many apps require ID credentials to link up a payment method. However, the app publishers obviously haven’t received the memo about green cards. As of October 2017, none of the most popular Chinese mobile apps will accept a green card ID number, at least in my experience.

Even international companies have the same problem; Apple won't let me choose AliPay as my payment method unless I can input a Chinese citizen's ID number! My Alipay account works fine (it was originally set up using my passport as ID). But this is not good enough for Apple.

I recently tried to buy tickets online using CTRIP, with just my green card and bank details. No dice so far. I’m still investigating whether it is even possible in practice. However, a curious point to note is that I have been able to get other Chinese to buy tickets for me, citing only my green card number as the ID to be shown upon collection. I've then been able to collect my tickets from the ticket counter at the rail station using only the green card! How weird is that!

Anyway, the takeaway here is that for COUNTER services and face-to-face meetings with government officials, the green card can be used. But for most everything else, and especially online stuff, it is not much help at all.

Just so ya know.
Report KIyer 2015-3-28 04:42
Thanks for your comment on my blog, mate. Glad you liked it. Warm regards.
Report 55555terry 2015-3-25 18:34
Thank you.
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