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Share Can Apple be sued for false Advertising in China
2015-1-1 18:26
The world’s most popular mobile phone maker, Apple is currently facing a lawsuit in California, under the state’s unfair competition and false advertisement laws. The plaintiffs, Apple device owners Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara, both of Miami, Fla., seek to have their complaint certified as a class action. The two are accusing the company of falsely advertising the storage capacity available in its iPhones, iPads and iPods. The la ...
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Share Out of curiosity I came to China: But for a purpose
2014-12-26 14:33
It was around the year 1995, I was about 14 years going 15. I had begun nurturing an un-quenching thirst for works of literature. I read just about anything I could lay my hands on. On the bookshelf in our living room were countless geographical books, magazines and periodicals and among those works of literature were fascinating reviews about China. I would often pick one, read for a while and then proceed to the kitchen to attack my mom with a barrage of questions just ...
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Share God save native English speakers
2014-12-14 14:19
This is not another of those rants from a black dude finding it difficult to secure a job in China. It’s not a black and white article, even though it is, on the MS word doc I’m using. It’s one of those rants where I’m trying to spice up the whole story, at least to make it juicy so you don’t have difficulty swallowing the truth. It’s not just about criticizing the system; it’s about pointing out an anomaly that has left a sore in the eyes of t ...
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Share Sakawa Scammers on rampage in China
2014-12-9 12:32
These aren’t the ordinary scams you come across once in a while, they may look like lame scams though, but not so fast- BEWARE !!! - these scams are cyber crimes imbued with alleged black magic or voodoo to increase the degree of influence if you’re caught in the “web” on the web. From my observation and cross-checks, many users especially males on this platform (China Daily blog forum) have been the target of this kind of scam. I have been m ...
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Share Don’t Buy Ivory says Yao Ming
2014-11-24 15:46
Yao’s new alias, the Elephant Defender fits well with his huge stature. The former NBA star has turned his attention from shark fins soup to saving Africa’s wildlife from centuries old superstition in the healing power of ivory and greedy wealthy individuals whose affection for the priced ornament remains unabated. I must say I’m very proud and inspired by Yao in his activism against poaching of endangered species specifically elephants and rhinos ...
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Share Should high school teachers be “all rounded?”
2014-11-18 12:44
This is not to say that teachers should not be professionals or specialize in their chosen field, but the question is, should they be knowledgeable in at least two or three other academic fields in order to assist students when other teachers by virtue of some eventuality are not available. Personally, my expertise is within the field of mass communication, with special interest in corporate communication and journalism. Besides that, my knowledge ...
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Share Kunming Cop Is A National Hero
2014-10-31 22:33
I listened to the account of the cop who shot and killed four attackers at the Kunming train station during the terrorist attacks on civilians in Yunnan Province on March 1st this year. The other members of the team equally deserve commendation. I have singled out the cop who shot and killed four of the attackers because he deserve a big pat on the shoulder even though it was a team effort. Theattackerscould have escaped ...
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Share Expedite Laws for Child Protection
2014-10-29 12:37
How sad it is, knowing that the most vulnerable (infants) in every society are the less protected under the current laws on child protection in China, where the one-child policy is strictly enforced. This leaves much to be desired, especially in a situation where an abusive act leads to the death of an infant, and the probability of the offender going scot-free is high. It is very deplorable. As usual, I was browsing through the homepage on this w ...
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Share The WHO Emblem: Do You Know It’s Meaning?
2014-10-20 02:05
I was a bit thrown aback when I recently looked critically at the emblem of the United Nation World Health Organization (UNWHO). Within the emblem is a snake coiled around a staff. And I thought the majority of people don’t find snakes friendly at all, so why is it boldly smiling on an emblem of an organization the world subscribes to. I’m not a medical professional so I thought there might be a story to it and decided to find out what that story might be. & ...
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Share My “Journey To The East”
2014-10-17 00:39
Famous around the world is a Chinese literary classic which needs no mention after a cursory look at the title of this post. It has been adapted into plays, comics, films and even cartoons- “Journey to the West”, an awesome creative and imaginative 16th Century epic which has incessantly captured the attention of audiences around the globe on all entertainment and media platforms. A decade before my arrival in China, I remember as a boy sitting glue ...
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