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Share Want a new life? Get into a black hole
eddieturkson 2016-4-29 12:29
As humanityhastens on space travel and future mass transportation of humans within our solar system, new emerging information is that it could be even possible to travel outside our solar system and perhaps beyond through the revered black holes. Yes, so for those of us who dream of living in an alternate world, in a different timeline and dimension, the opportunity is there but not without risking that very life we hold dear. Easier said than done, ac ...
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Share African countries should emulate China’s measures at tackling IFF
eddieturkson 2016-4-19 08:04
By definition Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) or outflows refers to m oney that is illegally earned, transferred or utilized. Typically , these funds originate from three sources: commercial tax evasion and tax avoidance, trade misinvoicing and abusive transfer pricing/mispricing; criminal activities, including the drug trade, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing, smuggling of contraband, bribery and theft by corrupt government officials. By contrast China leads the devel ...
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Share Reality Check at Madame Tussauds Wuhan
eddieturkson 2016-4-6 18:41
Many relish the moments when they get up-close with A-list celebrity stars, inventors, politicians and other heavy weights in world history. The reality here is, you don’t always get these celebs all in one location. That however has been made possible through centuries old art of wax effigies. Wax museums are famous around the world for their unique representation of famous individuals and even groups that by ordinary standards, peasants like me wouldn’t come close ...
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Share My vision for a smog-free China
eddieturkson 2016-3-7 11:09
I’ve lived in China for quite a considerable time including my graduate school years, travelled and worked in a few cities and still choose my destination taking into consideration the density of smog or PM2.5 particulate matter in the region. Being a naturalist, I live a life which I try as much as possible to avoid manmade environmental hazards especially smoke or smog-filled environments. But that’s sort of a dream living in a country where heavy smog ...
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Share Sitting next to a billionaire: Me and Ma look-a-like
eddieturkson 2015-12-8 10:11
Everyone calls him Ma Yun and I’m yet to have a grasp of his real Chinese name. Clearly his smiles and demeanour depicts that of the Alibaba founder Jack Ma. He is calm and rarely makes noise inclass. This gentle sixth grade student is adored by his fellow classmates for his resemblance to Jack Ma. Ma recently posted four comic drawing inspired by self portrait and I thought this sixth grader looked even Ma-like than other Ma look-a-like photos I came across on ...
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Share My Experience as a student in China
eddieturkson 2015-10-30 16:11
The year was 2009; I was bound for Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in Central China , to study as a post-graduate student in Mass Communication having qualified as a beneficiary of Chinese government scholarship. A rare opportunity at that time and even today, I vowed to make the best out of the offer, searched thoroughly on the internet about my host-city and university- Central China Normal University, one of the best language and teaching universities in China. ...
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Share We’ll miss you Jenny
eddieturkson 2015-10-15 10:16
CCTV News anchor Jenny Gu yesterday signed out for the last time leaving an indelible mark on many of the station’s viewers. If you missed out on her out-tro, sorry then. Personally, I had a crush on her eloquence and demeanor before the camera. I’ve enjoyed listening to her for the past five years and ...
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Share CSC needs a paradigm shift: The woes of African students in China
eddieturkson 2015-9-29 11:37
China’s trade and assistance to Africa within the past two decades surpasses that of Europe and America combined and that is not debatable- China has done far more for the continent economically than all of Africa’s Western trading partners combined. Some critics argue that despite China’s tremendous assistance to countries in Africa, the scale is still not balance; they opine that economies of scale haven’t been achieved in the highly promoted partn ...
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Share Mixed or same-sex high schools in China?
eddieturkson 2015-8-28 12:58
I’ve seen quite a few posts on the system of education here in China and abroad following the now infamous Bohunt experiment in the UK. It is out of curiosity that I ask this question. I haven’t yet come across any single or same-sex high school in China, but I’m certain there might be few- considering the high number of private schools springing up and being modeled after Western style education. My question is directed specifically at Chinese contrib ...
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Share 5 Reasons why you should come to China
eddieturkson 2015-7-29 12:25
The focus of the world is still on China and it will remain so for a long time to come. The West is looking to the East even as China prepares to march westward in an attempt to revive the ancient silk road- this time around on a scale never seen or imagined before. It is a herculean task and all continents are on board.No camels my friend, it is high-speed rails and other means of transportation with turbo speed. Better grab a seat on the next available flight or whatever ...
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