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White woman claims she's black

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Rachel A. Dolezal, right, president of the N.A.A.C.P. in Spokane, Wash., at a rally in March responding to a racist and threatening package she received. Credit Dan Pelle/The Spokesman-Review, via Associated Press 

Make no mistake; the woman on the right is a white woman claiming to be black. My opinion? I admire her and so long as she is comfortable with all the prejudice and stereotypes that comes with being black in America I would vouch for her and even blindly look the other way and pretend I’m color blind.

For a moment I thought I needed binoculars or some 3D glasses to make sure I was seeing right because sometimes our eye-balls are deceptive. Remember that blue vs gold and black dress, huh! Yeah! Racial tension is brewing in America but this time for reasons different from what we are used to seeing coming from America. This is non-violent. Apparently a starkly white blonde lady from Montana is claiming to be an African American. She has so far tanned her skin to an unsuspecting shade of light skin African American color. The lady in question is Rachel A. Dolezal president of her local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P) chapter and a university instructor in African-American studies at the Eastern Washington University. 

She says she is black and has claimed for years that her heritage is partly black. It is the latest shocking story ripping through American society and it is burning like wildfire on social media with American liberals condemning the move accusing her of deception for faking her racial identity which pins her down as a white Caucasians from white parents with undeniable European ancestry.

Even her parents and adopted brothers some of whom are blacks have come out to testify that she is purely white with a bit of Native-America ancestry. Both her parents had grandmothers who were partly Native Americans but apart from that they both say they are purebred Caucasians.

The local N.A.A.C.P. chapter in Spokane, Washington and the national headquarters have both released a statement saying, “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for N.A.A.C.P. leadership,” but it did not address the issue of deception, and that allows her to retain her position as the President of the local association.

According to reports going round she has professed an affinity for black people since she was a teenager, when her parents adopted four black children. She chose a college where she could immerse herself in racial issues. She married a black man and built a reputation as an advocate for civil rights. Her situation is rare according to these reports, because basically in American society most people especially light skinned African American would do anything to pass as white simply because of racial discrimination against African Americans by the so called dominant society.

PHOTO: Rachel Dolezal, a Spokane, Washington civil rights advocate, appears in an interview with ABC affiliate KXLY, June 10, 2015.

 Ms  Dolezal with curly hair and tanned skin

A college photo of Rachel A. Dolezal

Below are some comments from readers of the New York Times.

Bonnie Lane from Boston wrote-

Either she is black or she isn't. That's a fact based - not an opinion. It is no different from someone claiming to be a war veteran and joining the VFW when they never served a day in their life. It should matter to people whether people are liars or not. The truth is important in small things and large things. New York Times readers appear to be taking the position that the ends justify the means, so they are willing to forgive because they like the NAACP. Ask yourself this, would you be willing to forgive a Republican Congressman who lied about a thesis or a war record? Of course you wouldn't.

I do have some questions:
1) Did she lie about her race on her college applications?
2) Did she lie about her race on her job application to the NAACP?
3) Did she lie about her race to get her job as a professor?
4) Did she lie about the nooses being left for her - a fair question given her lies about her race, that her father is black and that she has black children - all lies.
Oh what a tangled web she has weaved.

Jill from Orlando wrote-

A most curious situation heading the NAACP does not require that you be black. No problem there. What bothers me most is that she seems to have created a persona to capitalize on something she is not. Claiming that her black adopted brother is her "son" is a lie. Claiming a black man is her father appears to be a lie. And it appears that claiming she is black is a lie. Claiming she was threatened by mail because she is black - when the USPS says the mail did not go through the post office. These all seem to be fabrications to bring attention to her. She reportedly sells her paintings for thousands of dollars. Would they be worth it otherwise? She has a powerful prominent position. Would she have that otherwise? I can't decide. She is either a clever marketer using whatever tools are available or a liar or maybe a bit of both.

Christian from Perpignan, France wrote-

I appreciate that Rachel sympathizes with African-Americans to point of pretending to be African-American. What is offensive about her actions is people of sub-Saharan ancestry have never had the opportunity to opt in or out being of their African ancestry. Playing black might be fun for Rachel, but actually being of African ancestry and not ever being able to escape the mistreatment is completely different. Having generations of relatives whom one loves who one knows suffered incredibly is the psychological burden of those of African ancestry. As constructed as race is, a person cannot decide to opt into that history and then somehow have it be real. People of African descent not only face racism today, but face the struggle of making a happy and fulfilling life in a society that tormented their mothers and fathers and all of their relatives before them. If Rachel were raised as black and thought she was black, I would be more sympathetic to her. Black people do not simply face the daunting challenges of race today, but they face the challenge of trying to create a unified historical worldview that is both honest and also allows them to live happy and fulfilling lives in this country. Pretend to be the child of a Holocaust survivor in Europe does not make you one. Pretending to be the child of survivors of the African-American experience does not make you one.




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