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Share Have you checked your HIV status?
2014-12-1 21:48
Do you know your HIV status? Have you checked your status? Do you plan to check or you are inconclusive? These questions are not rhetorical, they’re real questions and the UN needs your answers. One may however ask candidly, who the hell is the UN to question my status and whether I have checked or not. Well, the UN as an organization is also responsible for making sure that you and others are well informed and protected from the deadly virus. I ...
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Share TV’s Impact on You
2014-11-21 18:45
Has television contributed to shaping your view about the world? Has it had a positive or negative impact on your perspective about different cultures around the world? How greatly has it influenced the knowledge you have acquired your entire life? How has it changed the world? One of the greatest inventions of the 20th undoubtedly is the television. Television has become a necessity and most people around the world until the invention of the computer ...
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Share Stop tickling the kids
2014-11-17 02:09
News on sex scandals and abuse of students by school officials are hotbeds for the media everywhere and China is no exception. This year alone, a couple of media reports related to sex scandals in the education sector has made headlines erupting reactions from the public. A lot of discussions have gone into how the media should deal with reporting such scandals and avoid sensationalism; China Daily ( ...
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Share DIABETES- The Silent Killer
2014-11-14 00:14
Living with a diabetic patient could be one of the dreadful things anyone could endure. Knowing that anytime any moment they could die as a result of lack of insulin. This is even more serious in developing countries where affordability or the ability to purchase insulin is a far cry. In most developing countries treatment are readily available but what is the sense of treatment when it can easily be prevented through healthy living lifestyle. ...
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Share Are All Holidays Important?
2014-11-12 16:03
You will be amazed by the number of holidays there are in a single year. Some of these holidays, including international days and others which are national or religious holidays have blossomed beyond their original spectrum and are now celebrated worldwide just like how the singles day in China is gaining popularity around the world. Here in this category (Holidays Events) on my blog, I have decided to keep taps on the numerous holidays around the w ...
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