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Share African countries should emulate China’s measures at tackling IFF
2016-4-19 08:04
By definition Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) or outflows refers to m oney that is illegally earned, transferred or utilized. Typically , these funds originate from three sources: commercial tax evasion and tax avoidance, trade misinvoicing and abusive transfer pricing/mispricing; criminal activities, including the drug trade, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing, smuggling of contraband, bribery and theft by corrupt government officials. By contrast China leads the devel ...
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Share China should demand proper accountability from African Leaders
2015-6-4 17:04
There are quite a number of African countries that have done very well with the assistance of new entrant (China) into the aid industry in Africa, but that is notwithstanding the fact that Western aid monies running into over a trillion dollars have been poured into Africa post the colonial period. 60 years on the fact still remains that aid isn’t working as it should. Activists and western governments are calling on China to demand accountability from African ...
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Share No Orgies: US Drug Chief to step down
2015-4-27 12:21
Head of the US DEA-Michele Leonhart Her name is Michele Leonhart and she has been in charge since 2007. The question is why is she stepping down? And the answer is DEA agents were allegedly involved in orgies under her watch. It is alleged that drug agents attended sex parties with prostitutes, some funded by local drug cartels in Columbia. Ms Leonhart isn’t stepping down willfully, but rather she has been under pressure to resign since testifying to a c ...
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Share What’s your take on Xenophobia in South Africa?
2015-4-19 08:20
Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Why won’t South Africans allow Madiba to have a peaceful rest? Why are black South Africans venting their anger on fellow Africans ? Why has xenophobia taken deep roots in Africa’s former largest and currently second largest economy? There are a plethora of questions that arise from the current xenophobic crisis in South Africa but the answers are few. They include Poverty and lack of education. The ownership of the econom ...
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Share Is Russia Paying For Snowden's Sins?
2015-4-15 11:12
The answer is yes, but the equation seems a little intricate in the Russia-EU-US sanctions issue. It is common knowledge that Russia is facing these sanctions because of assumed involvement in Ukraine but behind the curtains most international relations analysts and the intelligence community know that these sanctions are intricately linked to the asylum Russia has given to US whistleblower Edward Snowden. The probability cost of these sanctions is the a ...
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Share 5 Enigmatic China Disputes Every Foreigner should know
2015-4-14 08:29
If you’re yet to visit China or in China for the first time then you should be prepared for a monthly or quarterly repetition of these news items. However if you have been in China for more than a year or two then these news items are all too familiar or have become so rampant that you no longer pay attention to them. And they’re not going away anytime soon. These are highly debatable and controversial disputes and they just don’t go away. It’s like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ...
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Share The Many Faces Of Poli-Tricks
2015-4-5 15:11
Photos don’t lie they say. The images attached to this post could be described as exciting and ridiculous. They’re photos of world leaders I’ve compiled overtime. Mind you, I’m not a tech savvy guy so none of them is photoshopped. You might have chanced upon some, others might be new to you. But I’ll bet you one red Mao note; you’ll certainly find most of them interesting. If you don’t, call me for a quick money tran ...
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2015-4-4 15:05
To start with, I have no intentions of nuking the West, I just love the North. Then again I’m neither a fan nor supporter of Kim Jong-un, I just love his swag. I know, I get it, I seem to be indecisive but here is the reason why. I just found out that the North Korean leader enjoys getting his grove on balling around in Pyongyang snapping photos with personnel from the military especially the cute Koreans ladies in uniform. ...
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Share General Buhari Ready to crush Boko Haram
2015-4-2 09:16
General Muhammad Buhari, the newly elected President of Nigeria has vowed to crush Boko Haram out of Nigeria with reliance on the Nigerian Military. He has promised the military mouth watering life insurance and other benefits that has boosted the morale of the army. The former Military leader first came to power three decades ago in a coup and was later disposed off in another military coup, after which he turned to democracy as the new world order. Many analysts ha ...
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Share Europe’s Greed For Artefacts Funding IS
2015-2-19 13:32
Millions of dollars from collectors and dealers in countries including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, basically Western Europe are funding IS because of their lust and greed for antiques. It’s a menace and with such ferocious need for “ all things old ” ancients artefacts dating back before the time of Christ it seems the war on terror is far from over. A BBC report by Simon Cox noted that the trade in antiquities is one of Islamic State's main sources of fundin ...
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