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Share Reality Check at Madame Tussauds Wuhan
eddieturkson 2016-4-6 18:41
Many relish the moments when they get up-close with A-list celebrity stars, inventors, politicians and other heavy weights in world history. The reality here is, you don’t always get these celebs all in one location. That however has been made possible through centuries old art of wax effigies. Wax museums are famous around the world for their unique representation of famous individuals and even groups that by ordinary standards, peasants like me wouldn’t come close ...
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Share Sitting next to a billionaire: Me and Ma look-a-like
eddieturkson 2015-12-8 10:11
Everyone calls him Ma Yun and I’m yet to have a grasp of his real Chinese name. Clearly his smiles and demeanour depicts that of the Alibaba founder Jack Ma. He is calm and rarely makes noise inclass. This gentle sixth grade student is adored by his fellow classmates for his resemblance to Jack Ma. Ma recently posted four comic drawing inspired by self portrait and I thought this sixth grader looked even Ma-like than other Ma look-a-like photos I came across on ...
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Share 5 Reasons why you should come to China
eddieturkson 2015-7-29 12:25
The focus of the world is still on China and it will remain so for a long time to come. The West is looking to the East even as China prepares to march westward in an attempt to revive the ancient silk road- this time around on a scale never seen or imagined before. It is a herculean task and all continents are on board.No camels my friend, it is high-speed rails and other means of transportation with turbo speed. Better grab a seat on the next available flight or whatever ...
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Share Stories from African traders in Guangzhou
eddieturkson 2015-5-6 07:54
Since China’s opening up decades ago, coupled with its miraculous economic transformation, it has attracted a wave of foreign expats and migrants from all over the world. This influx is however dominated by Africans who have made Guangzhou, capital of the coastal Guangdong Province their home. Most of these African migrants are traders who are looking to increase their living standards by capitalizing on China’s economic success. According to the city’s ...
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Share Are foreign actors required to undergo drug test
eddieturkson 2015-4-2 09:59
Ever Since Chinese authorities began the crackdown on drug abuse through the government’s anti-drug campaign, the mighty have fallen including very well-known figures that need no mention here. The campaign which mostly targeted high profile personalities has taken a new trend where actors are now being asked to undergo medical examination before the cameras start rolling. The requirement for actors to be drug tested according to a China Daily report followed China's ...
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Share Oh! My Chinese Green Card when are you due?
eddieturkson 2015-3-30 13:43
With the increasing global domination of China and its quest to further promote its open up policy, more and more foreigners are willing to stay in China for good, and by that I mean stay permanently in China and serve the country with all their might, get married and remain embedded in a culture with over 5000-year history that continues to amaze the world. But not so fast! It isn’t that easy. And don’t ask me why? The devil isn’t always in the details. And by detail ...
Personal category: City Life|2263 views|11 comments Popularity 4
Share My Love Affair With Twin Sisters Wu & Han
eddieturkson 2014-10-20 00:53
OUR amorous relationship begun in early September 2009 and they were my second stop from Beijing. It was love at first sight. In our six-year affair, we have had a few glitches and misunderstandings, but hey that’s normal in every relationship, therefore a break-up is totally out of the question here. Some people will understand why such a relationship would have problems, which is basically because most cities in China have a lot to offer and discover. ...
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