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Share 2016-09-22
2016-9-22 13:26
I read a article names 'what ruined your marriage?' on quora, the most viewed answer to this question is 'cancer'. The blogger shared his story of his former wife who suffered Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in her 30. They have a good business and a wonderful life before, but cancer destroyed all of them. When I read his experience of how to help his wife taking the treatment, it scared me. It is too painful to fight with cancer, life would be a disaster when people lose their healthy. So Can ...
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Share 2016-09-21
2016-9-21 11:14
The value of PM2.5 is more than 250 last night in my city, I got this value from the new air cleaner I bought the day before yesterday. In order to test its effect, I closed door and window, then turned on air cleaner. After 20 minutes, I re-tested the value of PM2.5 and it dropped to 52. So my new air cleaner is effective. Actually there is another factor I am worried about, it is formaldehyde and has much impact to our health. As I just moved to my new apartment, we all know that new apar ...
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Share My air cleaner
2016-9-20 11:09
I bought an air cleaner on yesterday, this cleaner is from MI company. I only experienced MI's smart phone, to me, it is not a good device. Maybe it is because the phone I bought is MI's first generation product, the smartphone often lost connect to internet. I have to restart my phone to access internet again. At that time, I thought I would never buy MI's products. But after five years fast development, MI has became to be a giant company which has so many product l ...
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Share Hope Samsung would deal with current crises ASAP
2016-9-19 13:31
Samsung Note 7 turned to be a bomb in the past few days. The past two weeks is tough time for samsung, science its brand new smartphone Note 7 bombed in many countries, include USA, Australia and Korea. This issue is a disaster for Samsung, from some analyse we can find that it would make samsung lost more than 5 billion dollars to call back 2500000 smartphones from these three countries. This 5 billion is only for the products, there are much more loss we can not see. Such as customer woul ...
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Share My three days holiday
2016-9-18 10:37
Today is Sunday, but we are working now as we just have three days holiday. Holiday is allways tired for most people. We are suppose to have a good test in holidays, I believe that is most people's plan before holiday. But when holiday comes, most people would do more things than normal working days. Some time I would go for a trip, during the trip we run from a place to another, we line up in every place. As my experience, all these things make me exhausted after trip. Some time I go ...
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Share Happy holiday
2016-9-14 10:53
Tomorrow is Mid-autumn day, we have three days holiday from tomorrow to the coming Saturday. It is not said that we have three days holiday for Mid-autumn festival, we only have one day off work for this festival. The other two days are the weekend days. In China, we often move holiday from weekend to make three days together when the holiday is not connect with weekend. In this way, we can have three days or seven days holiday, people can go for travel or visit home in holidays. If w ...
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Share It is hard to be positive all the time
2016-9-13 12:06
It is hard to keep positive all the time. I really do not want be sad or down in spirit, but some times I am still can not keep my self out of bad mood science bad things in daily life. Human beings are emotional animals. Emotion decide that some times we would feel happy, some times not. It is definitely impossible for some one to be in positive mood all the time. Include those really positive people. They have negative feelings too. But they are good at controlling emotion, they can ...
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Share Unreasonable 4S shops
2016-9-12 11:07
Yesterday I went to 4S shops with a friend, we both want to buy a car in one or two months later. As we have not decide which car we will buy, so we went to a lot of 4S shops. Include foreign cars like Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, GM and Chinese Cars like 吉利汽车,长安汽车,哈佛汽车 and BYD. We spend half a day in different 4S shops, normally we check the car we want to know and do some test-driving, then we ask the price of the cars. After we saw more than 10 cars, I ...
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Share Apple is losing its competitiveness
2016-9-9 12:10
Apple is losing its competitiveness. Apple released iphone7 yesterday. I did not watch its release conference, but I read a lot of comments articles. According to those comments, I found that most people are disappointed in Apple's new product. Apple is the most excelent technology company, only google and microsoft can catch up with it in last few years. In the age of Jobs', every time apple release its new product, it surprised the whole world. Such as iphone4, mack book and so on. At ...
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Share Say goodbye to baidu
2016-9-8 10:40, I believe all Chinese netizen know this web site and used it before. I am one of baidu user too. But from today I will use google to do my search instead of baidu as possible as I can. I am not saying that I will never use baidu because some time you have no choice if you do not have a VPN to access is the biggest search engine in China, it has most users than other search engines like soso, youdao. In China, baidu dominate the search market. Baidu is ...
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