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Share I will choose what I am comfortable with
2015-12-18 09:09
“Now the important thing here is that such senior people and officers were ready to use English just because everyone was doing so and not because they were comfortable with it.” This sentence came from a young people from India who believe every native language is as beautiful as English, I totally agree with his idea. Take his words to Chinese society, there are a lot things like this too. I can easily list some thing like this for you. Chinese parents never agree with their childre ...
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Share A busy week
2015-12-16 13:32
Last week is a hard time for me. Actually not only for me, for my entirely team. As tomorrow is the deadline for our plan's release, we have to finish all work in last week. We totally have seven people in the team, every one is work so hard on the plan. My days are basic like this, work from 8:30 in the morning, prepare environments, write documents. I can finish some of these work by my self, but most part of work need to cooperate with my teammates. When I face such kind of work ne ...
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Share Nice weather bring me good mood
2015-11-30 10:19
After two weeks' bad weather, finally we got sunny day back. In the last two weeks, we experienced cold, wind, smog everyday. It was hard to see blue sky in those days, pictures in my eyes are always grey sky. It seems there are too many dust in the air, that make us can not see things clearly. Especially for drivers on the road, please be careful in such days. Bad weather could affect mood. I do not know other people's feeling about grey sky, I do not like it. Every time I met su ...
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Share Life is full of change
2015-7-24 15:51
Change is uncomfortable, almost all people do not like change, it is human nature. Why people do not like change, I think change means you have to know new people, adapt new environment, try new food, make new friends and so on. All these things need people to force their self accept some thing they do not familiar before. We can imagine that all these new things, unfamiliar people and strange environment around you means uncertainty to you. For example, people do not know if they will like the ...
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Share A touching story
2014-12-26 11:02
Last night I watched a video from an American young man. It was totally moved by it. The video describes an experiment, let me just call it as an experiment. At the beginning of the video, an young man find a hobo(let me call him Mr. HB) near an street. Mr. HB wears dirty clothes and takes a empty bag. His hair is a mess too. It looks like he is tired and has nothing to do in the street. Then the young man went to Mr. HB and talk freely with him. At the same time, some one else is taking vi ...
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Share My christmas gift
2014-12-25 11:30
Merry Christmas to all of you. Today is Christmas day, our company prepared everyone a cup as christmas present. The point is not the gift, it is the way we get it. At 10:00 when we were doing our work carefully, Santa came in our office with two big bags of present. All of us were shocked by Santa, some girls screams for him, later we all begin laughing. As we realize Santa is our big boss from Korea. He is here to send us presents. Santa made some wishes for us at first. &nb ...
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Share Merry christmas to you all
2014-12-24 11:00
Tomorrow is Christmas day. Every Christmas Eve so many people crush into the center of our city to celebrate this festival. I went there in the past, it is four years before. The most impressed thing for me about such celebration is that it is too many people on street. Almost there are people everywhere. It is hard for you to cross street from one side to another side. You only could walk with the flow of people. Some times you even do not need to step, because the person behind you will push ...
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Share People skills or technical skills?
2014-12-23 12:32
I just met a interviewee in this morning, we talked about the project she did and her experiences in last company. After one hour's communication, I think she is suitable for our group's position. Her performance about people skills and technical knowledge are both meet my request. Here I want to talk about people skills and technical knowledge. We often ask a question like this "which one is more important for a job seeker? people skills or technical knowledge?". In my opin ...
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Share Memory of CET
2014-12-22 10:55
Many students took the CET on last Saturday, I read a lot message about it from micro-blog. It reminds me come to the think of my CET experience. CET is critical for every college student. Student could get their diploma only if they pass the CET4. I still remember at the begaining of my college life, my English teacher ask us to study English hardly and take the CET seriously. She said that if we can not pass CET4, it is hard for us to find a job. I learn English not because I have t ...
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Share Nice weather, nice day.
2014-12-19 11:29
The good weather has lasted for a week recently, every day is a sunny day. I just post a blog about the bad weather in winter, then the blue sky comes. As I noticed in my former blog, most days are haze weather days in the past three winters. But there are some difference happened in this winter. It seems that the bad weather comes less and less. I like it very much and hope both our government and people could do our best to protect the environment. In that way we could have more nic ...
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