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How to be a good teacher?

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For all these days i've stayed at Zhuquan middle school of my hometown, and found out that it's not easy to be a teacher at all. 
There're 70 students per class on average, and three out of five are boys. 
Before having class, a teacher has to think over how to get students' attention, let 70 students fully understand what you gonna teach and cope with sudden situations .
And during class, there're always some students having small talks, or just in a daze, and a teacher has to stop several times. In a boarding school you have to take care of ends and odds about students' lives. Every day they break some school disciplines and you have to remind them what is right and what is wrong over and over again. Most of the time they forget quickly what you said. It's normal that they have poor sense of self-control. So a teacher has to be very patient. However, when students turn deaf to what you told them, and break rules again, you cannot help but get pissed off. 
So you gonna punish them. But "a teacher has to be very careful in terms of punishment nowadays", as someone told me,"few month ago a student was in hospital beacuse his teacher asked him to do jump-squat as a punishment and it made very serious result." Oops!
Another teacher told me that "we should put discipline priority to study. If students don't afraid you, no one would listen to you in your class."
Is that right?  Why can we just focus on how to have an interesting class?How to be a good teacher? 

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Reply Report Enyadeng 2016-1-14 11:40
Igo: Interesting. For sure, you will eventually handle all the problems a teach would face.

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  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:40

    Igo: Interesting. For sure, you will eventually handle all the problems a teach would face.

  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:01

    Enyadeng: Thanks. But i have no idea how it gonna be.
    Step by step, you will be there.

    Sorry, there's an eye glitch. It should be YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HANDLE ALL THE PROBLEMS A TEACHER WOULD FACE instead of A TEACH WOULD FACE.

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