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Share I took pictures in Guangzhou Metro for five hours. It's awesome
2016-2-15 15:40
I took pictures in Guangzhou Metro for five hours.  It's awesome
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Share What have changed for last 24 years in Spring festival
2016-2-15 10:47
What have changed for last 24 years in Spring festival
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Share Fast and death.
2016-1-13 16:28
Fast and death.
The husband of my auntie's sisiter was killed by a car accident few days ago. The perpetrator run away from the spot. Few days later he voluntarily surrendered to the police office, and was sentenced just 4 years in prison. When the victime demanded a compensation,the killer's 70-year-old mom and brother just said they barely don't contact with him, and they have no money. Then the victimes went to relevant governmental bureaus. After discussion, the official staff told ...
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Share How to be a good teacher?
2016-1-10 14:17
How to be a good teacher?
For all these days i've stayed at Zhuquan middle school of my hometown, and found out that it's not easy to be a teacher at all. There're 70 students per class on average, and three out of five are boys. Before having class, a teacher has to think over how to get students' attention, let 70 students fully understand what you gonna teach and cope with sudden situations . And during class, there're always some students having small talks, or just in a daze, and a teacher has to sto ...
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Share Am i a loser?
2015-12-23 11:35
Am i a loser?
I didn't get the social visit visa as the NGO couldn't provide with the document that the Embassay asked for. I wasted two months, again! Last year i went back to university to prepare for postgraduate entrance exam.Even though i worked very hard during that three months, the final score was not high enough to go to my dream university, Soochow University. After that i had to find a job, but before i could get a job i met bad people and resulted with miserable saving. To suvive the situation i ...
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Share Why we leave home ? Can they go back?
2015-12-4 21:03
Why we leave home ? Can they go back? For most of us, when we graduate from college, we graduate from home. We don't ask for money from home, we don't accompany mom and dad regulary, and we gradually adapt ourself to the new environment as much as possible. Why we leave home when we grow up? I still remenber, after 10 years living in the town, the mom of my grandpa demanded to go back home villiage. It was very troublesome as the house in the villiage is very very old and she ne ...
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Share Is 24-year-old old?!!!!!!
2015-4-12 14:37
Is 24-year-old old?!!!!!!
A new colleague came to our office and we had a small talk the other day. She is young and beautiful. When the theme came to age, sheseriouslysaid, "i am very old". "Then how old are you? " my partner, 21 years old, ask her. "I was born in 1991.God, i am old!" I were quite shocked. She is the same age with me. I never ever have the thought tha i am old even for one second though i work with a girl 3 years old younger than me. Why she said she is old? Acutally many of ...
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Share Bath in the morning or at night?
2015-3-15 12:28
Bath in the morning or at night?
We Chinses take bath before bed at night.In south China people bath every day before we sleep, especiallly in summer. But we don't do so in the morning after we get up. I never think it is a problem until one month ago. He asked, why you don't have a bath? I answered back naturally, i will do so at night, but not now. He just looked at me wieldly, speechless. His response made me uncomfortable. If i don't takea shower in the morning, will it mean i am not clean enough? Rece ...
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Share Calm down and carry on in GZ, my Dear.
2015-3-4 21:21
Calm down and carry on in GZ, my Dear.
No job yet but many bills to pay. Guangzhou is gorgeous andexpensive. No boss yet but many liars to meet. Around 4000 RMB was lost suddenly. For the first time a real bad man showed up in my life. No boy friend yet but the experience that wait by the street in the rain for no less than 2 hours and he didn't come over was heart-broken. I have already forgot when i get used to crying on the Metro, in the Starbucks, by the window. I just remenber on the first day of Chinese Luna ...
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Share My peers get married. I got panic.
2014-12-23 23:06
My peers get married. I got panic.
The other day i scaned my QQ zone and found out one on my classmate in senior high school just showed his marrige certificate, which he had got few minutes earlier. That really plunged me into shock.We just graduated last summer from school!Too fast i suppose.Andnews come that anotherclassmatewill hold her marrigeceremony tomorrow.Too hard to accept the truththat peers gradually have their own family. What's the problem with me? Why i feel s ...
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  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:40

    Igo: Interesting. For sure, you will eventually handle all the problems a teach would face.

  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:01

    Enyadeng: Thanks. But i have no idea how it gonna be.
    Step by step, you will be there.

    Sorry, there's an eye glitch. It should be YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HANDLE ALL THE PROBLEMS A TEACHER WOULD FACE instead of A TEACH WOULD FACE.

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