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Share Every woman is a Poem.
2014-12-11 11:06
Every woman is a Poem.
Recently i have to learn how to appreciate English poetries for the exam this month. Emily Dickinson is my favorite English poet. She boastsmany great works,"Summer for thee, grant i may be""If recollecting is forgeting""I keep my pledge", you name the list.Even thoughi cannotget a profund understanding of them most of the time, youknow the reason( Dickinson's poems are unique for they contain short lines, typically lack titles, and often use& ...
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Share Dream Bigger, Be Unrealistic!
2014-11-28 23:17
Dream Bigger, Be Unrealistic!
"Dream bigger, be unrealistic!" David Beckham qouted this from JAY Z, and i read itfrom a magzine when i sitting in the reading room, racking my brains to work out a wayto close my duecredit card payment. Regardless of my situation, i felt buoyant, and aspirational. Both Beckham and JAY Z are household names all over the world, and have made huge success in their own professional careers and in commercial operation as well. It sooooo logical for them to say so, dream big ...
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Share Back to school and enjoy my time here
2014-10-20 00:12
Try and fail but never fail to try. And now, i am here, in a small room with a widow towards the sun, two minuts of walk to the college. Now and then i thought i am in a dream, as the things before me are so familiar while the people passed by are all stranger. Where're my classmates?Why i am here? The stone chairs stand still in the very same place as one year before, just like everything keeps the same. But i know something has changed. Did i make a right choice or not? Before i left ...
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  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:40

    Igo: Interesting. For sure, you will eventually handle all the problems a teach would face.

  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:01

    Enyadeng: Thanks. But i have no idea how it gonna be.
    Step by step, you will be there.

    Sorry, there's an eye glitch. It should be YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HANDLE ALL THE PROBLEMS A TEACHER WOULD FACE instead of A TEACH WOULD FACE.

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