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Share My 2016 Do list
2016-1-2 11:01
My 2016 Do list
As a rule i make Do List at the beginning of a year. Though i might can't get all done, it makes me very happy to try to fulfill each thing in the list. For instance, i learned two French songs and read One Hundred Years of Solitude according to my Do List 2015. Small things as they are, they mean a lot to me. I know who i am and i am who i am when i do the listed things. Sometimes i get lost, i can always find a way out. Yesterday i made my 2016 Do List: 1. Read at least ...
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Share Do you like your present job? Does it important?
2015-11-19 19:32
Do you like your present job? Does it important?
Four day ago, i quited again, my third job after graduation in 07/2013. I want to do work matters. I want to do things inspire us so we can inspire other people to do the things that inspire them.And now i am doing my pre-trip task thus i can get my sponsorship letter and have my visa, and go to help those children in poor area at Indonesia. Yes, action speaks louder than talking. Amost all friends support me, but they are busy with making a fortune, building their stable and cosy tomorro ...
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Share Guangzhou, I cannot say no to you.
2015-1-29 19:30
Guangzhou, I cannot say no to you.
I came to Guangzhou 13 days ago, alone. And today i still havn't find a job but have spent 2000 for my renting house and some other necessaties. My family have no idea about all my decisions, my quit, school, and now Guangzhou. No need to bother them. On my way to here, in the train, i met a very kind and knowlegable man and he has been lived in GZ for more than 10 years. I told him my whole plan and he analized for me overally, about money, about house, about job and about f ...
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Share Goodbye, my almost lover
2014-11-15 21:01
Goodbye, my almost lover
Four monthago i told him, "i though i had a crash on you". He answered, "Maybe we can spend sometime together" on the condition that "i won't marry you." Of course, marrige to me is far too early to even thinking about it. So i said, "Yeah!" with my exhilaration open to him, and i added, "Please keep our relationship to yourself, ok?""Bravo!That's what i want to say to you."We are sort of same kind of person, that the very reason i want him i suppose, despite his b ...
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Share Quit my job and go back to school
2014-10-12 22:21
For more than one year i've been here, a prosperous and beautiful townin south China, and work for a Swiss people. Around one month ago i decided to quit my job as no much work for me here in the company beacuse of the stagnant economy in this line. Time flies, and for a young people there's no reason to fritter it with doing nothing meaningful. Therefore, i quit and before Chinese spring festival I will have at least four month for myself and i can do things i like with the savings i hav ...
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  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:40

    Igo: Interesting. For sure, you will eventually handle all the problems a teach would face.

  • How to be a good teacher? 2016-1-14 11:01

    Enyadeng: Thanks. But i have no idea how it gonna be.
    Step by step, you will be there.

    Sorry, there's an eye glitch. It should be YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HANDLE ALL THE PROBLEMS A TEACHER WOULD FACE instead of A TEACH WOULD FACE.

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