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Share I don't need to eat as long as I have my iphone
2015-1-13 10:30
Walking through customs with the gait of Iron Man may not exactly work out—who knew? Customs officers at Futian Port in China stopped a guy who had an odd walk and allegedly found 94 hidden iPhones strapped to his body, Gizmodo reports. According to a Chinese social media site, officers spotted his "weird walking posture, joint stiffness, muscle tension" and made him pass through a metal detector, which revealed the phones. "The result is what looks like body armor fashioned from phones, inc ...
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Share Lenovo executive knows how to run a company
2015-1-11 09:09
The chief executive of Lenovo Group Ltd., which recently overtook Hewlett-Packard Co. to become the world's largest producer of personal computers, is sharing his annual bonus with his staff. Angela Lee, a spokeswoman in Hong Kong for Lenovo, best known in the U.S. for acquiring IBM Corp.'s ThinkPad laptop brand and the rest of its PC business in 2005, confirmed that Yang Yuanqing, who is also Lenovo's chairman, will share $3.25 million from his bonus with some 10,000 staff in China and 19 ...
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Share Why do Chinese people prefer to send their hard earned money overseas?
2015-1-9 11:07
We all know how "popular" and "great" american products are, but with so many homegrown alternatives, why do so many Chinese people prefer to spend money on products where a large portion of the money leaves China? I thought Chinese people were proud and united. Some of the types of products with comparable products made in China by Chinese companies include: Lenovo vs. Apple Xaomi or Oppo vs. Samsung Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache vs ...
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Share Difference between Chinese people and Americans
2014-12-21 11:29
Most Chinese are pragmatic, like most of the government leaders. Most Americans are thin-skinned and cry foul whenever an article pointing out American shortcomings and/or FU's, like their leaders. For example, an article posted here on CD recently posted by an American, stated that Chinese people have bad driving habits and skills. The Chinese people responded with comments like "yeah, we're bad drivers" or "we should improve our driving skills". Contrast this to ANY article ANYWHE ...
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Share Americans Bullish on Democracy
2014-12-4 10:32
Kurt Campbell, who was assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs until last year, had an interesting op-ed the other day that relates the growing inequality of income within the United States to a lowering of the international standing of the United States and of its ability to sustain international engagement abroad. Partly the connection involves a depletion of U.S. soft power. Much of that power has rested on the image of a durable American middle class, which has l ...
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Share Sony Hacked - Boo Hoo
2014-12-4 09:52
After falling victim to a devastating cyber-attack last week, entertainment giant Sony has suffered a costly hack revealing the salaries of 17 of its highest paid executives, the private information of over 6,000 employees, and at least one unreleased script. The company's entire computer network was also taken out, according to Kevin Roose of Fusion. Additionally, several new movies, including Fury , starring Brad Pitt, were simultaneously uploaded to major bit torrent sites like The Pirate B ...
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Share Might Makes Wrong
2014-12-4 09:38
The US Justice Department announced that it is opening a federal civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, who was killed by a chokehold by the police . US Attorney General Eric Holder made the announcement Wednesday evening, in the wake of a grand jury decision not to indict the police officer responsible for placing Garner in a chokehold. The investigation will consider whether or not police violated Garner's civil rights. Prosecutors will conduct an independent ...
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Share Free Speech American Style
2014-12-3 11:58
Last weekend held its first-ever conference for hosts in San Francisco. Inside, Airbnb executives stated the company's goal: to win a Nobel Peace Prize, while outside , local cops allegedly shoved housing activists who were protesting Airbnb's role in the eviction crisis , confining demonstrators into a "free speech" pen. Police arrived escorted the protesters to an encased Free Speech Zone, which the protesters refused to enter. One protester was pushed down by the ...
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Share Best thing about China today?
2014-11-30 10:38
There are a lot of things I like about China: mostly-friendly people, great food, low cost of living, being part of a big change, mini taxis, high-speed rail travel, non- fascist police, Jenny Lous/Wangs, clean air outside of the big cities ( ). But the thing I like most about China is that the government has made it a safe place to live . Sure there are problems in the west (the whole region is a powder-keg) but on the heavily populated east-coast and central region, it is far, ...
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Share Thankful for Genocide?
2014-11-29 11:46
Though Thanksgiving can be a happy time for American families to get together, the actual history behind the holiday includes the complicating reality of genocide against Native Americans, including some who welcomed the first European arrivals. The turkey-celebrating, obese, sports-addicted, shop-until-you-drop, historically-illiterate couch potatoes (known as proud Americans) are all beneficiaries of the acts of their guilty ancestors who may have been unaware perpetrators of the crimes agai ...
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