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Share I love my city Bengbu
ally361400945 2014-10-17 22:28
I love my city Bengbu
Today I want to talk about my city, my hometown – Bengbu, in Anhui province. She is not big or bustling or very popular with tourists and just a third-tier city, but she has a very beautiful another name which is "Pearl City". Why may call this name? It has to say Bengbu’s geographical location. Bengbu is close to Huaihe River, which is the second largest mayor river in Anhui province, and the first one is Changjiang. With the advantage, Bengbu is the traffic hub in Huaibei area and ...
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Share My First Blog
ally361400945 2014-10-14 10:41
My First Blog
This is my first blog, a new start. I want to share what I saw, what I heard and what I read. And I also have some other wishes, like improving my English, knowing more friends, learning someting new and watching the world which I live everyday in a different view. Three days ago, Igot the news about "The China youth English blog contest" when I read Chinadaily Website.I registered immediately and told my friends. Now, there have been 2 friends of mine registered th ...
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