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Share Happiness
2015-4-9 19:24
Happiness has not asked for leave and she did not leave a contact number either S he has run away from home ,quietly like the drift bottle on the sea ,who has been fishing her Who let you escape with your dream leaving endless thoughts spread far beyond It likes a vine wrapped around ,kissing my neck the withered osier made the dim moonlight more desolate I could not help crying out my heart and then hide the pain at the bottom of my heart ...
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Share A charming village
2015-4-3 21:15
A charming village
If let you live ten more years died in the cesspool ,or live ten years less ,died in a beautiful piece of pure land ,which would you choose ?Whatever ,I would choose the latter . In order to avoid the rush-hour traffic ,I came home in advance .Everytime my father would pick me up when Iarrivedin the street .However this time ,I made a decision --walk to home . I would like t ...
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Share Lovely Kids
2015-3-29 22:05
Lovely Kids
I had never dreamt of that one day I would like those lovely kids . I did not like kids ,because they are mischievous ,always make me trouble.And they are too little to face the problems inmyshoes ,also it is hard for me to guess their hobbies and interests ....When they made some mistakes ,I even did not know how tocorrect them ,if strictly they would cry ,tenderly ,they ...
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Share a near win
2015-3-14 20:38
Two days ago ,I and two of my companions took a test which is the second part of getting a driver license after one monthofseries of training .However,when we got the news ,we were all stressed .Faced with different cars ,different place ,we stronglyfelt that we needed more time to adjust ourselves even though we really made efforts . On the way to examination place ,not a word was s ...
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Share New-year plan
2014-12-31 14:25
There is only several hours left when 2014 turns into 2015.My heart is getting extremely complicated ,it is full of excited and anxious .Not fearing the coming year but the goals .It is time to depart from bad luck and all displeasure together with the past as well as long for a much better future . Here is my list of new-year plan .And hope for your kindly supervision. 1.get the driving license 2.pass an exam and get the certificate 3.go to Macao once Easy?Yes ,maybe you will th ...
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Share You can not eat cake and have it
2014-12-30 14:46
It is not easy to say goodbye ,now that you had made up your mind ,then no need to hesitate and regret. It is not long before I submited my resignation to my landladywhen my client told me that he will register a company here ,and appoints me to manage this company .I had worked here around 8 months from a newbie to a proficient one ,they know how much effort I had paid .Not only my client ,but also my boss and landlad ...
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Share Lovely winter
2014-12-17 20:25
Lovely winter
Winter has come,it's getting colder and colder .I don't like winter among all the seasons,expect the flying snow ,nothing can attract my eyes .But I regretted it when I saw the beautiful flowers .What flowers has such an unexpected glamour ?---Pygmy Waterlily .People said you had missed the charming seasons ,there is an exhibition of lotus in summer .Compared with the summer lotus ,I prefer water lily in winter .It is like the warm sunshine in winter ,so lovely and peace ...
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Share Autumn in my mind
2014-11-29 20:29
Autumn  in my mind
What will you think of when it comes to autumn ?The trees ,flowers ,crops ,or something else ?One day my friend in Beijing sent me some pictures of there autumn .Looking at the yellow leaves everywhere ,I got to know that autumn has come .I did not realise this because it is still so hot here .I liked those photos immediately ,but what I really want to know is my hometown ,what does she looks like ,still the one in my mind ? I think of my childhood :whe ...
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Share Why we are so keen on campus?
2014-11-20 18:00
Here we were,at the SZU again .We had been to the same campus less than two weeks .You may think that we are crazy ,we would say yes .But why we become so obsessed with universities ? It has been over 5 months since we graduated from school ,we should have enjoyed the work life when we were out of school ,and gone out of our way to find our ways to enjoy our job.However the results were definitely turn out to be just the opposite of our wi ...
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Share Copia Conforme
2014-10-27 17:47
Copia Conforme
I had watched this film twice,but I still can not understand the meaning of this movie.Even though I had read plenty of relevant information,my brain is full of doubts all the same.I don’t know why ,but this movie did leave a deep impression on me .It makes me want to watch it again and again. After finishing watching the “Before”trilogy ,I downloaded this film just because they are somewhere alike.So when I watched this film for the first time ,I thought the ...
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  • Start over 2017-10-21 15:19

    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

  • Start over 2017-10-8 08:36

    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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