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 Is anyone interested in detective stories or fond of deduction inference? If yes ,you must not miss those two TV shows :Sherlock and Elementary which are based on Adventure  of Sherlock Holmes .I have not have a chance to read a complete version of this novel, I watched Elementary by a chance ,and it suddenly triggered my interests and becomes the primary driver of the journey to read  the book .Absolutely ,compared with the original work ,TV show changes a lot ,however it is much more vivid .You will easily feel the intense of vision and hearing .After watching Elementary ,I think it is not satisfied my desire to know more about deductive .Then I turned to Sherlock on BBC. Follow on I found two different styles of Sherlock. The following is my personal point of view.

BBC version of Sherlock is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, while Jonny Lee Miller acts as the version of CBS’s Sherlock. By appearance, I bet most of people like Benedict more .Neither from the height nor the appearance, Benedict similar to the original one from inside out .However I prefer to the version of CBS. First of all, the Sherlock of CBS advantage in standing for the modern style. Live in the new century, I would like to see a modern Sherlock with the same intelligence .In CBS, Mr. Holmes is an addict recovering from drugs. John Watson is not a man who had experienced Vietnam Warbut a sober companion who gives up initial job as a doctor due to a medical accident. Absolutely, what is more surprise is the gender transformation. With the plot moving, I always thinking the same question, will they fall in love with each other? Lucy Liu is a Chinese American actress, as a Chinese I like the woman with oriental temperament more. Thus Sherlock is not just a sage stands high above the masses any more, he also knows the affection of human beings   .

With respect to Professor Moriarty, who could have predicted that he and Irene is the same person? This unexpected design, not only takes Sherlock by surprise, but also me. I like reasoning the plot, however I have never doubted Irene .Irene Adler is a sexy  and good at painting woman.

Each episode of the TV shows in CBS has a fixed pattern, that is new criminal events ---finding the wrong criminal ---looking back to the case (Watson provides the inspiration )----solving the case successfully  .Sometimes you may deduct  who is the mastermind .But you cannot imagine what will happen next in BBC. Watson is the punch line makes the case gradually clear in CBS.

When Mr. Holmes found that Watson is writing an autobiography for him by chance, he fell into rage in CBS, he doesn’t like fame. While the Sherlock in BBC enjoys basking in the limelight very much, without doubt that they are true to the original work.

When there is a clue of the case or he feels restless, Sherlock would play the beloved violin in BBC. However in CBS, Sherlock is fond of beekeeping and raising turtle and his violin was almost covered with dust. Nevertheless both of the behaviors are useful for the case.

There are lots of similarities and differences between the two types of Sherlock; I cannot enumerate one by one. Which one do you like more? But in my opinion, as long as you like deductive stories, you would not find fault with the character itself.


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Reply Report Igo 2015-10-31 11:30
That woman looks like Lucy Liu.
Reply Report Lynn16 2015-10-31 17:55
Igo: That woman looks like Lucy Liu.
It is Lucy Liu
Reply Report Dracarys 2015-11-2 21:01
the Britain version is my favorite ..
Reply Report voice_cd 2015-11-3 09:57
Thanks for sharing your story here. We have highlighted your blog.

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