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One day without cellphone

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Have you ever try all day without mobile phone keep you company ,or just imagine if there is no cellphone with you one day ?What will bring to your life ,good or bad ?Well I had made the attempt the other day .And I thought it could not be worse at that time ,however when I looked back at the experience for a second time ,everything was well worth the try .

I was going to go to a place I had never been to before ,I had made full preparation for the routes of travel and carefully taken down .When I decided to start off , I knocked down the notebook ,put down the phone ,only brought some changes with me . First I must found out the subway showing in my memory ,but where it is ,how can I go to there ,I really had no clue .I had to ask the pedestrians for help .

Passers A around twenty -something ,wearing a pair of headset ,simply stared at his phone .And I screwed up my courage and about to asked him ,he just passed by without taking a glance at me .Alright ,he probably did not hear .Then passers B still a young man walked at a fast pace and his phone in his hand .I thought I would not be reject this time ,then I went up him ,he acted like seeing a patient , quickly made a detour in order to avoid contacting me directly .I felt deeply upset .I lingered about the road ,dared not to enquiry initiatively again. But the time was short ,I mustn’t waste time now .I saw an old woman wheeling a bassinet coming to me in the opposite direction .After I told her my trouble ,she told me warmly .Worrying that I would made a mistake ,she company with me a long distance ,on seeing me enter the subway ,she finally left .How touched I am !

On the subway, the situation was somehow alike .Yes ,it was quiet ,cause everyone stared at their phone,busy playing games ,watching TV or listening to music. Nowadays you can find free wifi on subway ,as well as many public places. The network becomes more and more advanced ,however people are getting more and more indifferent .So what should I do next? Only to sit reticently and watch the advertisement .

Added up all the social network, I have at least 300 friends online .Everyday I will spend plenty of my time on chatting with them .Every night when I go to bed ready to sleep ,I will turn my cellphone, and check if I had missed an important message .Every morning the first thing I do is turn on my phone .I will scan what happened to my so-called friends, where did they go .I don’t need to read newspapers on purpose ,they will tell me ,perhaps more comprehensive than it original ,usually there are some unique personal opinions .

And that night I promise to myself no phone , suddenly I felt that I had  lost something .Almost made me sleepless.

We can control the technology ,however we are willing to be enslave by it .We want to tell others that we are live a good life by putting our photos on the internet ,no matter whether they look at those or not .we make the flowery rhetorical ,we boasting the truth, merely hope get the flattery from others ,it seems that our life is so spending ,while we are being marginalized by the smart /high-tech phone. Even though there are many people listening to your stories,but they actually do not know you authentically .

You do not need to tell others what you have done, the true things at present make you feel happy enough, when you keep you head down , you don’t know you may just miss the opportunity .

    As the video"look up "shows at last : So don’t give into a life where you follow the type , give people your love .Don’t give them you “like”, disconnect from the need to be heard and defined .Go out into the world ,leave distracts behind .Look up from your phone ,shut down the display ,live life the real way.

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  • Start over 2017-10-21 15:19

    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

  • Start over 2017-10-8 08:36

    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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