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“My mother wanted to introduce a boyfriend to me again!" ”The message bounced out immediately I logged on the QQ. It’s my classmate, my close friend in senior high school.

“Good news, congratulations!" ”I replied with a crooked smile.

“Stop saying that, otherwise I won’t talk to you anymore".”It seems that she was angry with me indeed.

“"Why, tell me how come to that?"”I stopped joking with her, anything that would destroy our relationship, I won't let it happen.

“You know what I am thinking about, we had talked about the topic so many times ,I don’t wanna get married ,at least at present .”Of course I am clear about what has in her mind, she is independent as me ,though not exactly the same .

“Oh, darling, it is different now ,after all we are not young any longer .”

“Not young ?Ah, dear don’t tell me that you want to get hitched !”

“No ,I am not saying myself ,we are talking about you ,your life Concerning myself,. I will stick to my own principal, my dream.”

“Me? OK !So do you think that I need to change my conditions ?”

“Correct ,as you had told me that you feel lonely tired and hopeless sometimes , you desperately wish there is a person to keep you company .”

“Yes ,but that just “sometimes “,I don’t think I am ready to tie the knot .And I deeply frightened at the thought of living with the same man through the latter part of my life .I have no patience, I don't like children ,and when my mom told me that ,I got really mad at her ,why are they so hurry like I am unmarriageable forever .I am only 24. ”Yes, both of us are twentysomething .She is a little sentimental at times.

“Think on the position of your parents ,they merely hope their children lead a happy life, they are not at fault. Every step we take might get their nerves ,although they excessively worry about us ,they did love us.” Though I said that in a calm and assured voice, I would get annoyed too if I met the same situation .Each time I give them a phone call, they will insinuated to me that I should find a spouse .They would tell me who has gotten married, who has pregnant of my own age,I was often silent in this case .

“Whatever ,I enjoy my current status .”In fact ,we all understand that saying “But parents are parents .”

“As far as I can see ,you can pretend to accept their proposal ,even though you are not satisfied with them, do not let them down at first .Then after a period of time ,you can look for a “reasonable” excuse to decline their kindness. For example ,you could say the guy is not a cup of my tea ,we even have nothing in common .”Actually ,this is also my special way of dealing with the same question .

“Humm ,sounds a good idea ,I will have a try .”Then no words come in, maybe she fell asleep since no trouble troubled her .But I lost sleep

Nowadays ,the rate of non-marriage is growing rapidly with more male than female .However with the improvement of women’s synthetic capabilities ,women becoming more financially independent ,thus more of them pursue a single life .Then people said that a woman with a doctor’s degree is the third kinds of people ,which different from men and women, because of their extraordinary ability .Here is a example :my economics teacher, who is already in her forties and has not get married yet, always warned us girls that we should not think about depending on others especially on a man ,we are not inferior to anybody else .Once we are strong enough ,we can protect ourselves instead of being despised and tortured .No one can help you unconditional except yourselfso make up your own mind .She is the epitome of beauty and wisdom and considered to be the best role model for all of us girls .It is likely that I was heavily influenced by her ,from then on the transitional view of love and marriage has changed in my mind .And I gradually accustomed to living alone without fear ,without loneliness. Is it possible that I become the member of "3s lady"?

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  • Start over 2017-10-21 15:19

    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

  • Start over 2017-10-8 08:36

    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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