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2017-9-10 16:32
Start over
Counting the days ,I’ve been exactly right in this new company for two months . I had said to myself ,also to others that I would never come back to this city again .However ,after something really tough happened to me ,I am back here ,back to Dongguan city again .I want to say thank you to my friend ,this is the best thing he did for me .He is the one always helps me and asks for nothing in return .Compared to the difficulty 2 years ago ,things were harder for me ,and I almost g ...
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Share Time to say goodbye
2017-3-25 21:01
Time to say goodbye
I suddenly realize that it is time to say goodbye after so many sleepless night ,just like the first time I got the news that I can work abroad .The difference is that it is provisional to leave homelands ,but leave this country for good . Time back to that day when I came to Baiyun airport waiting for the international airplane to Phnom Penh, Cambodia .I was full of excitement at the thought of walking into a totally new world .For many people , ...
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Share Homesickness
2016-2-11 20:17
I had thought that I was not a person of nostalgia, at least before I came here .Then I realized that as long as you do not leave your country you will never know what is homesickness. The first month was full of curiosity, Everything was new ,the people ,the language ,the goods ……all you wanted to do was to be familiar with everything around in a short time .Once you got to know all around very well ,you would found that there is nothing new at all ,everyday just repeat ...
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Share Sherlock & Elementary
2015-10-29 18:29
Sherlock & Elementary
Is anyone interested in detective stories or fond of deduction inference? If yes ,you must not miss those two TV shows :Sherlock and Elementary which are based on Adventure of Sherlock Holmes .I have not have a chance to read a complete version of this novel, I watched Elementary by a chance ,and it suddenly triggered my interests and becomes the primary driver of the journey to read the book .Absolutely ,compared with the original work ,TV show changes a lot ...
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Share Working in Cambodia
2015-10-20 20:39
Working in Cambodia
I have not thought that one day I can work abroad within such a short time .After three weeks training ,I passed the test .Then it was time for leave .On 26th September, when all the Chinese people enjoy their Mid-Autumn Festival holiday ,I took the plane to Cambodia alone . The airplane was late for no reason , thus I arrived the Phnom Penh airport around 3:30pm(Beijing Time).Not until I went through the Customs did I realize that I was in different countri ...
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Share Will Dongguan become a hole city ?
2015-10-15 22:43
How many component do you think constitute a modern city ?For instance, the people ,the vehicles ,the buildings ,and the plants and so forth .As far as I am concerned ,of all the basic elements the most important element is human beings .What if there is no people ,obviously there is no vitality .The whole city is a deserted city or ghost city . Dongguan which is well known as “the world factory ”.You can see factories everywhere ,even in the center area .However you ...
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Share One day without cellphone
2015-7-24 08:48
Have you ever try all day without mobile phone keep you company ,or just imagine if there is no cellphone with you one day ?What will bring to your life ,good or bad ?Well I had made the attempt the other day .And I thought it could not be worse at that time ,however when I looked back at the experience for a second time ,everything was well worth the try . I was going to go to a place I had never been to before ,I had made full preparation for the routes of travel and ...
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Share Mountaintop or the scenery along the way ?
2015-6-25 09:14
Mountaintop or the scenery along the way ?
When the first little ray of light waked me up, I knew it was a sweltering day again .However such an abominable weather still cannot change my decision ----go hiking. With one apple, a packet of biscuits, sun umbrella (God! I forgot the most important one –water!), I started off. It was already 10 o’clock when I arrived at the foot of the mountain .I did not feel like taking the bus as my purpose was taking exercise. There were very few people, it was not strange bec ...
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Share 3s lady
2015-6-9 08:55
“My mother wanted to introduce a boyfriend to me again!" ”The message bounced out immediately I logged on the QQ. It’s my classmate, my close friend in senior high school. “Good news, congratulations!" ”I replied with a crooked smile. “Stop saying that, otherwise I won’t talk to you anymore".”It seems that she was angry with me indeed. “"Why, tell me how come to that?"”I stopped joking with her, anything that would destroy our relationship ...
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Share The back hills of Mount Qingcheng
2015-4-12 14:11
The back hills of Mount Qingcheng
It was a nice day ,not because of the weather ,but the exciting experience we have had . After carefully planning last night ,we set out from the bus station at 9:30 this morning .We got up so early ,in order to avoid burnout ,both of us took a nap on the bus .Around 45 minutes later ,when I opened my eyes ,I saw a lot of new but traditional buildings .You could not see the rubbish anywhere ,and I suppose that you would be shocked by the clean streets. Unfortunately , we were stil ...
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  • Start over 2017-10-21 15:19

    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

  • Start over 2017-10-8 08:36

    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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