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Share Less school canteen dinning
2015-3-17 10:20
This semester, my patronage to our school staff canteen decreased dramatically. For one thing, I become more cooperative with home cooking under the invisible pressure from my diligent husband. It's not easy for someone like me to get rid of my sluggish style. It took a marathon-like effort for me to wrestle against my laziness and slackness and finally the positive energy within me got the better of the battle. Fo ...
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Share Life needs a bit magic (Review of the hot film Cinderella)
2015-3-15 09:13
Life needs a bit magic (Review of the hot film Cinderella)
On 13th, March 2015, Disney film Cinderella made its debut on the big screens around mainland of China. The romance was adapted from the classic piece of Grimm’s’ fairy tale Cinderella with little alteration. I had expected it to be a modern love story based on its namesake; however, it turned out to be children’s stuff. Anyway, it’s good to feed our eyes on some fairy tales to refresh our secular spirit. ...
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Share Raincoat, umbrella and boots
2015-3-12 22:15
Haven’t had any physical contact with the rain for a long time. I am actually not a rain man. The overcast and rainy days always remind me of those unpleasant things and people as if the whole nature outside were weeping and whining to my sorrow. I hate it when it takes away all my delightful mood and confines me to my small den where I am walking back and forth, like a caged animal dying to escape the trap. However, there was a ...
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Share Marriage and divorce
2015-3-6 23:22
I don’t mean to give a clear opinion about the two opposites. We couldn’t reach a unanimous agreement even if we debate the issue for decades to come. It varied with each individual from diverse backgrounds with different ideas. Before we make the final decision to tie the knot, everyone should think twice about whether the two are ...
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Share Trilogy to Spring Festival (春节三部曲)
2015-3-4 19:27
Trilogy to Spring Festival (春节三部曲)
(Prelude: I am a small city girl, spending nearly all my life in the same nook of the world, dealing with my circle of friends, splitting myself up between my work and family, knitting and fulfilling my humble Chinese dream, and never have I dreamed of leaving my home city challenging a different way of life. My soul resides with the sacred land, Qufu City, the birthplace of the great thinker Confucius. Want t ...
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Share Wolf Totem
2015-3-1 15:06
Wolf Totem
Last weekend, I watched an awe-inspiring movie named Wolf Totem. It describes the story of an educated youth who was born and brought up in Beijing and then was distributed to Mongolia to help the nomads with their agriculture production in the late 1960s. The group’s main task was to hunt and kill wolf babies and preserve the balance of nature. The battle with wolves was cruel but it’s a must for the sake of all living c ...
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Share A day in Qufu city
2015-2-26 18:45
A day in Qufu city
Nice and brightday today. My husband is away on a business trip. He is expected to be back in three days' time. Therefore, I am alone at home with nothing occupying my mind. Time and freedom is all mine; everything is at my disposal. I can't think of a better way to enjoy life than being myself doing what I like. It's not a bad idea to make a short trip. My destination? All directions considered, Qufu City is available toa homegr ...
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Share Welcome Cai Shen to your house
2015-2-23 09:27
Welcome Cai Shen to your house
Today is the 5th day of January on the lunar calendar. According to the long-established practice, it’s the day when Cai Shen (the God of wealth) is to be invited to every household for the sack of family’s prosperity. Then how to invite Cai Shen to be our distinguished guest? Where is he? The method is very simply. In this highly-civilized socie ...
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Share Flirting with the rain
2015-2-20 18:24
Flirting with the rain
Now it’s drizzling outside. The rain comes timely and auspiciously. It’s such a rare occasion, considering the fact that it’s the second day of 2015 on the lunar calendar, the day when married ladies ought to go visiting their parents. I have just come back from my parents’ house. After getting off the bus, I trotted briskly along the damp pavement, without any mood to go home. It’s a peaceful day. Looking up at the misty sky, ...
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Share Visiting my distant relatives
2015-2-20 09:35
My family tree is much smaller than those with several branches. It seems that I have no other relatives to visit, except my father’s two siblings, my uncle and aunt(叔叔和姑姑). They live in a small county not too far from where we reside, but our relationship is solidly based on infrequent contacts and dealings. Once in a while, especially on Mid-AutumnDaysor during the spring festival, they will pay a visit ...
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  • A good teacher in my eye 2018-6-4 05:04

    I enjoyed your thoughts very much. I have been an educator since 1974 and learn something new about teaching everyday. Most enjoyable thing to me as a teacher is when a student who has done poorly, some how with your help a " light" finally burns bright in their mind about learning. When a student sincerely says thank you for all you gave to me, makes my day. Good luck always in your teaching life.

  • Welcome Cai Shen to your house 2017-7-27 16:39

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