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Share Two different customers met in the same eatery
2015-7-2 16:31
I have ever read one of Mr. Michael's article titled the best and the worst things happened in one day, which is about an unpleasant dispute with a wicked landlord followed by the consolation and reassurance from a crowd of warm-hearted local residents and friends. That's really moving piece. Ironically, I had never anticipated that I should come across the same situation divided between tears and smiles. The story went like this.&n ...
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Share Where has time gone (to our aging parents)
2015-6-7 10:29
New leaves shoot again on old branches The dead tree is in blossom a second spring The words left unsaid for half a life Go into hiding beneath your hair The girl with lovely little feet And a chubby cute mouth in your memory All your love summoned up for her Just for the honor to be her mum and dad Where has time gone Which mercilessly placed your soul into ...
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Share My aunt (the leading woman in my family)
2015-5-9 18:05
My aunt, my father’s younger sister , is 55 years old. Like most Chinese women of her age, she is far past her youth and now at the very pinnacle of her career, enjoying both a successful social life and family bliss. It’s said that the age between 55 to 65 is a time when people possess the maximum of his life before mind and body goes downhill. In China, I can’t agree more. 55 is the age of maturi ...
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Share Three amazing fish in the world
2015-5-5 06:51
Three amazing fish in the world
I read this piece from my wechat feeds posted by my Chinese circle of friends. Now I will translate it into English and hope my foreign friends can also try to assimilate our traditional culture and gain something valuable. Just as the title indicates, there are three amazing kinds of fish that impress the world with their strong ...
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Share Family story locked in the depth of my memory
2015-4-28 23:04
It has been over 30 years since my grandma (my mother’s mother) left us. Being a kid under age 6 then, I only had a vague idea of what she looked like and how she extended her affection and fondness to me when I was in cradle. It’s a huge loss for me that I had experienced little grandparental love during my growth. From bits and pieces of information gleaned from my distant relatives, I could presumably piece together a rough ...
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Share My grandma’s night feast(奶奶的夜宴)
2015-4-25 12:03
Life is more rich and real in the countryside than in the metropolitans. Since I was young, I have been writing a story about rural life experience which I gained from spending holidays with my grandparents. The period of time is a priceless treasure nothing else could stand comparison with even in the decades to come. When I am idling away, or even in my dreams, I would always be called up to the remembrance of the scenes ...
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Share A letter to my father
2015-4-12 20:56
My dear father, I haven’t felt all right these days, as I had longed to start a hearty conversation with you, but I didn’t have the courage to open my mouth. I woke up early this morning, at about 5 : 30 a.m.. Outside, the sky took on a mood of gray and somber with gentle rain falling soundlessly and strong wind moaning and lashing against whatever on its way. Under the vast dome of grayness and melancholy, the trees, the lawn, buildings, pavement and all surroundings seemed to be ...
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Share Knight spirit in the new era——Kingsman: the Secret Service
2015-4-7 21:39
Last night, I watched an action movie named Kingsman: the Secret Service as an effort to change my old taste for romance and animation films. The drama went like this: 17 years ago, a British secret agent from the super-secret spy organization Kingsman managed to protect his fellowmen at the expense of his own life whilst performing a task. Both fortunately and unfortunate ...
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Share My favorite movie—Paddington Bear
2015-4-5 10:48
Last night I finally found enough time to settle down and watch the well-reputed propaganda film "Paddington Bear." The story is about the adventures of a cute bear named Paddington. The he-bear was orphaned at a much younger age and lived with his uncle and aunt in the woods of Peru. One day, an explorer from London came to the forest and developed a close friendship with the bear family. Before he bade farewell to the fam ...
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Share Baymax Gives the world a friendly hug
2015-3-22 09:56
Baymax Gives the world a friendly hug
I watched the film Big Hero 6 five days ago, but I haven’t given any of my opinion because I have always been occupied with one task or another recently. So here I am, sitting in front of my computer with my favorite characters Hiro and Baymax. This is the first Disney film which is adapted from Marvel Comics series. The story took place in a par ...
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  • A good teacher in my eye 2018-6-4 05:04

    I enjoyed your thoughts very much. I have been an educator since 1974 and learn something new about teaching everyday. Most enjoyable thing to me as a teacher is when a student who has done poorly, some how with your help a " light" finally burns bright in their mind about learning. When a student sincerely says thank you for all you gave to me, makes my day. Good luck always in your teaching life.

  • Welcome Cai Shen to your house 2017-7-27 16:39

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