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Share Memory of my cotton-padded coat
springcastle 2016-2-14 12:52
For us northerners, feather coats are a conventional dress worn by people of all ages in the sub-zero weather. When I was young, there were hardly any feather coats sold in the department stores, though there are an abundant supply of them for us to choose from whether in the physical stores or online shops now. There did exist extravagant mink coats but only the super-rich could afford the l ...
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Share How depression transformed me
springcastle 2016-2-13 20:10
I am a deep individual by nature. Perhaps there is a vein of melancholy in my character, which I inherited from my introverted and cranky father. I think and contemplate a lot whether when I am alone or with others. I pay special attention to the most minor details that most people may overlook or think insignificant. I would get emotional and shed tears of joy or grief over a lot of ...
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Share My Phobia
springcastle 2016-2-4 10:13
I am a person with rich affection. Since I was a young baby, I have already displayed strong emotions and sentiments towards people and things around, such as love, abhorrence, sorrow, compassion and fear. Of all those common human feelings, the one that cast a dark shadow rather than rays of beautiful sunshine on my mind was my inborn phobia to the unknown world, ...
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Share Something About My English Wrting
springcastle 2016-2-4 10:08
Logically or illogically, there is always some reason or a particular event that may contribute to the forming of a hobby. According to this seemingly reasonable theory, my preference for English writing has a long story to tell. In the first place, I do believe that God may play a part in shaping a human being. Some people were born with a unique ability or skill t ...
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Share What to do with a failed love
springcastle 2016-1-30 17:33
Love is an unfathomable thing. It can be capricious and volatile like active gases in the air. We may chance upon it in the least unexpected situations; or we may lose it instantly while we are passionately in love. Love is an unknown quantity, which may vary with one’s vision, state of mind, sentiments, external influences or it’s simply a matter of instant decision. Thus, it’s advisable that we should adopt an open ...
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Share The small river in my hometown
springcastle 2016-1-28 21:09
As a popular saying goes, memories and experiences are a great treasure of human life. They lead people to examine the past and look ahead with new perspective. If I am asked where my most precious memory springs from and what significance it has on my life, the first thing that comes into my mind is the small river that is flowing across my village, its sweet water nurturing hundreds of folks and their livestock a ...
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Share Winter in my city
springcastle 2016-1-25 18:47
Situated in the midland of Shandong Province, my hometown Yanzhou is a rather small administrative unit affiliated to Jining, a medium-sized prefecture-level city. Due to its tiny territory, there are hardly any well-known scenic spots or any of the world’s top 500 enterprises to help boost its international fame or economic power. It has remained a quiet and peaceful town fo ...
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Share Is simple living feasible?
springcastle 2016-1-17 20:32
The other day, I came across an interesting article in the life column of a newspaper. The title isn’t eye-catching at all, but the fresh idea it conveys makes a dramatic impression on my mind. The article begins with a story of a couple who sold their house in the big city to start a bed and breakfast for visitors on a mountain known for colorful sunset. The following part explores the benefits of this simple way of life an ...
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Share My stationery complex
springcastle 2016-1-5 12:52
For a professional teacher, part of my job is to design teaching programs, prepare lessons, and grade papers and tests. There is never a moment when I could separate myself from dealings with papers, pens, files, staplers, and other stationery. Over the years, they have become my right-hand assistants that make my work go smoothly and efficiently. Without doubt, years of schooling and t ...
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Share Want to be immortal or not?
springcastle 2015-12-27 13:40
In the famous British playwright Shakespeare’s drama, the heroes Romeo and Juliet remain forever young and charming even after over 400 years of harsh weather and changes of events. For centuries, our impression of them seemed forever freeze-framed in their youth, but regretfully, they never enjoyed a long and full life as the ordinary people did. After all, they are noble characters in world li ...
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