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Want to be immortal or not?

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                         In the famous British playwright Shakespeare’s drama, the heroes Romeo and Juliet remain forever young and charming even after over 400 years of harsh weather and changes of events. For centuries, our impression of them seemed forever freeze-framed in their youth, but regretfully, they never enjoyed a long and full life as the ordinary people did. After all, they are noble characters in world literature and can be immortal as time goes by. For us flesh and blood, longevity is everything that all human beings have been wishing for ever since ancient times. Who doesn’t want a long and prosperous life with a successful career and a big family of children and grandchildren? All men are born equal, but the way that each individual leaves the world varies. Whatever our achievements or social status, every one of us has to finally bid goodbye to the world one way or the other at the call of God’s will, willingly or unwillingly. Even if we face the same destination, one thing is certain that a consummate life is more worthwhile. If one closed his eyes with the last breath on his deathbed, peaceful and content, it’s not difficult to conclude that he must have lived to be a ripe old age. According to local folklore, the man must have been blessed by God and he would be admitted into heaven where honest and God-fearing souls are leading their happy afterlife. A good many people do believe that there is another life after this one. And they wish that their lifetime could be doubled or even tripled and that they would experience more and thus leave the world with a more fulfilled life. However, not all people share the beautiful but stupid illusion; others would rather let the nature take its course while making the best of our way.
                    In my opinion, there is no such thing as eternity. It doesn’t make any sense to have a lengthened life span against our Creator. Since birth, we have been predestined by God to live a certain number of decades on the earth, why bother to expect more? Life is a process; one lifetime is enough for us to enjoy our precious but limited life. Like a beautiful butterfly emerges in its full splendor from its cocoon, human beings should also go through the same process of birth, sickness, old age and death. From cradle to cemetery, the law of nature reigns and judges; nobody can evade or resist it. Immortality is merely an unrealistic vision. There is tremendous distance between imagination and reality. However glorious our wishes are, they are a bubble under the sun which will vanish into the air soon. Therefore, leave it. Life is only for once; there is no rehearsal or replay. Whether it is complete or defective, we should seize every minute and live each day to the full. Life itself is not a circle, but a line. There is no turning back. From infancy, adolescence and youth to middle age and advanced years, each stage presents us with different tasks and challenges, during which time we would experience varied emotions like happiness, joy, anger and sadness. Whether sweet or bitter, they are part of our experience which makes us unique human beings. When we are seated on a rocking chair, too old to move an inch, there is no need for us to look back, sorrowfully repenting of our sins or coming out with a thousand assumptions. Let all happenings be gone. If there does exist some regret, I would rather accept it as God’s will rather than tearfully mourn my irrevocable scar. 
                   Another reason why I reject a second life is that I hate reliving the same growing pains and troubles that make my soul suffer. Life is not easy; the world is an unknown quantity. We can’t predict what we will meet with the next moment, a blessing or a curse? Flowers have its best season; human beings have its prime time. What’s the use of repeating the same tough stuff or trying making up for our remorse and regrets? All  things in nature are supposed to be imperfect. A good horse will never turn around to graze on an old pasture. So drop your foolish idea. 
                   More ridiculously, being immortal is more of a wishful thinking than a great idea when it comes to the earth and population issue. What our earth will be like if everybody lives well past his advanced age? I’m afraid that there will not be enough space for us to put our feet on, let alone abundant natural resources and nursing homes provided that keep our society going. For the benefit of our offspring and our common planet, I would opt for a ripe old age and then leave the world for good. 

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-12-27 14:33
let a mortal be a moretal and let bygones be bygone.
Reply Report HenLaoLaoShi 2015-12-27 15:03
Agreed, God has granted us each just so many days on this earth.  So let's not waste them.  Rather than pursue our own pleasure and selfish desires, let us serve those around us as best we can. Long life is a pointless goal except for the benefit that we can be to others during our life.  Riches are a pointless goal except for how we can use riches to alleviate the suffering of others.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2015-12-27 16:13
Spring - When we are seated on a rocking chair too old to move an inch - With Bluetooth on fire up the China Daily blog on the wearable smartphone and rock on !!!   
Reply Report ysyaileen 2015-12-27 16:43
HenLaoLaoShi: Agreed, God has granted us each just so many days on this earth.  So let's not waste them.  Rather than pursue our own pleasure and selfish desires, l ...
if we can make some contribution to the people around we will be remember in that way we also can be immortal
Reply Report ysyaileen 2015-12-27 16:44
ColinSpeakman: Spring - When we are seated on a rocking chair too old to move an inch - With Bluetooth on fire up the China Daily blog on the wearable smartphone and ...
    a very cozy scene
Reply Report ysyaileen 2015-12-27 16:46
in my opinion, living a meaningful life is a form of being  immortal, immortal doesn't mean the time you have lived in this world but the quality of your life
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2015-12-27 16:53
ysyaileen:      a very cozy scene
Reply Report ysyaileen 2015-12-27 16:58
    what do you mean by showing that face expression? colin
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2015-12-27 18:22
ysyaileen:      what do you mean by showing that face expression? colin
   I just picked one at random !
Reply Report Newtown 2016-1-1 11:21
Congratulations: you have managed to pack into your writing an incredible number of cliches and idiomatic expressions. A wonderful effort. The sum reminds me of the words of another Shakespearean character, Macbeth: "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." The line about surviving "400 years of harsh weather" was especially poignant and vacuous.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-2-25 14:38 (Pending for approval)
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  • A good teacher in my eye 2018-6-4 05:04

    I enjoyed your thoughts very much. I have been an educator since 1974 and learn something new about teaching everyday. Most enjoyable thing to me as a teacher is when a student who has done poorly, some how with your help a " light" finally burns bright in their mind about learning. When a student sincerely says thank you for all you gave to me, makes my day. Good luck always in your teaching life.

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