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Share Let's Break the Barrier!
2014-12-31 23:51
Let's Break the Barrier!
Recently,duetomyassignmentIhadanopportunitytokeepintimatecontactwithforeignstudentsinouruniversity. Abouthalf amonth ago,Iwasinformedtomakeadocumentaryofanytheme.& ...
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Share Does Santa Claus Really Exist?
2014-12-26 17:32
Does Santa Claus Really Exist?
Reading this title I guess most possibly you will say "of course Santa Claus doesn't exist. How silly question it is!" However, let's see how the newspaper THE SUN answered this question. In 1897, an eight years old girl called Virginia wrote a letter to THE SUN. Let's take a look at it. "Dear Editor, I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, 'if you see it in THE ...
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Share My Teaching Story in Russia
2014-12-18 22:05
My Teaching Story in Russia
"Hey teacher! Chairman Mao!" "Hey teacher! Jackie Chan!" "Hey teacher! We love China!" Those voices are from my lovely Russian students. 2015 is coming, looking back to 2014, the most impressive thing I have done maybe is teaching in Russia as a volunteer. That happened last winter vocation. A total year has passed, but every time I walk on the street, the freezing wind ...
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Share Loneliness is carnival to one while carnival is loneliness to all
2014-11-24 17:14
Loneliness is carnival to one while carnival is loneliness to all
Recently I have attended a lecture given by Fangzhou Jiang, a Chinese prominent writer who is popular among the young generations. She shared her experience of enjoying solitude, which sparked off my random thoughts on the happiness of loneliness. Have you ever noticed that people tend to jump into a circle of friends whenever and wherever? Have you ever noted we are so eager for socializing that it has taken too much of our t ...
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Share Burning Years and Blazing Youth
2014-11-16 16:36
Burning Years and Blazing Youth
It is at the height of autumn. Freezing wind visited every corner of the city. Her shoulder shivered in breeze. “What the hell life is!” She whispered to herself, gloomy and melancholy. Weighed down with pressure from a crucial exam, she is clouded with depressions and anxieties coming from nowhere. Being bombarded with classes and exercises, she is fed up with her present life that is extremely drab and monotonous. Racing against ...
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Share What's the Sin of Chinese University?
2014-11-6 18:33
As the International University Student's day is approaching,I'd like to share my views on Chinese university. Before I entered university, I reckoned campus life as a pastoral and illusionary fertile soil providing students a stage to acquire knowledge, cultivate charisma and share independent ideas. However, maybe the university life is to some degree glorified by films or TV series, behind the picture I depicted, too many subversively alarming phenomenons ...
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Share Hey Chinese, What's Your Hobby?
2014-10-20 23:16
This topic has always been what I feel like writing about for a long time until yesterday the ringing to my mama triggered my desire to embark on this article. Every time I ask mama what she is doing at home, undoubtedly,her answer is always “Well, I’m cleaning the house. What else can I do?” Yesterday was weekend, but she threw me this answer again. I suggested her to put the housework aside and shoot the breeze by some outdoor activ ...
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Share Every Drop of Sweat Deserves Respect
2014-10-14 23:41
Every Drop of Sweat Deserves Respect
Recently, I am trapped in a chao of biological clock. Since I have few classes this semester and most of them are set after ten o’clock, I find it so hard to get up early. Every time I resolved to get up early in the morning to study, I failed in the battle between my inveterate laziness and fragile self-discipline. Today, I got something important to do in the very early time of this morning. Being under huge pressure, I was unr ...
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Share Sense the Art by Heart
2014-10-13 00:38
Sense the Art by Heart
The art exhibition themed “Salute to Master” is currently open to public in the Art Museum of Jiangsu Province displaying masterpieces of western world-renowned artists including Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Henri Matisse and so on. As a committed painting learner, how can I miss the precious opportunity to read their souls and absorb the nourishments? Yesterday, I went there in high spirits aiming at probing into the world of art wholeheartedly, but to m ...
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Share There Are One Thousand Readers, Will There Be Only One Hamlet?
2014-10-10 20:19
There Are One Thousand Readers, Will There Be Only One Hamlet?
Recently, the Nobel Prize winners in different domains have been announced by the Royal Swedish Academy. Yesterday, with the French author Patrick Modiano winning the prestigious prize for literature, some long-expected winning authors failed to win it like Japanese popular author Haruki Murakami , so did the American author Phillip Roth who swept every other literary prize in America and was claimed to have equal Nobel aspiration. & ...
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