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Share Happy Chinese New Year!
2015-2-18 13:15
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy New Year of the Sheep and wish you all the best of health, peace, sufficient wealth and most of all happiness.
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Share Always Keep an Open Mind
2014-11-10 17:00
Are you an open-minded person? I believe many of you guys would say yes. No one wants to be stubborn, let alone calmly admit that he or she is. However, if you give it a second thought, maybe you’ll find out it’s actually really hard to be open-minded. We each are a mystery, which deserves lifelong exploration. You may never know what kind of person you really are. And you could be fooled by yourself! The perception of yourself is not the real you! Even at this moment, I can’t be sure if ...
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Share What a Strange Language We Are Learning!
2014-10-31 20:32
Being a teacher of English, we are often asked questions like: Why do we have to say The old lady died happy ? Can’t we say The old lady died happily ? Questions of this kind are actually very hard to answer because it seems contradictory to the “rule” we teachers give them. As is commonly known, adjectives describe nouns or pronouns, such as “black” in the sentence “She wore a black hat.” or “happy” in “I’ll try to make you happy.” And adverbs usually describe or add to the ...
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Share My Dreams
2014-10-24 19:59
I don’t know if I am an imaginative person or just one who tends to daydream. However, one thing is certain that I have had many dreams ever since I was a little kid. Some of the dreams have come true while some simply got dashed, and others are still alive. When I was very small, I would sit and stare into the sky for hours, watching the clouds moving along and changing into different forms like horses or other animals. In the evening I would watch the moon and count the st ...
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Share UEA Students Urged to Urinate in Shower
2014-10-12 11:09
UEA Students Urged to Urinate in Shower
Want to save water? Simple. You can pee in the shower! Sounds funny, huh? It was two students in UEA who first proposed that people urinate while having a shower. They said it could save a great deal of water that might be used to flush toilet. Didn't you ever pee in the shower? Are you sure you didn't? Do you need to call for such a thing? Is it just a conditioned response?
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Share The Wealth of a Man
2014-10-11 19:32
Act 1, Scene 1 Narrator : Rich and his former classmates often chat online through QQ. Today as usual, as soon as he arrives at the office, he turns on the computer. While getting ready for the day’s work, he finds something flicking in the bottom right-hand corner. He knows someone is saying something again in the QQ group chat room. So he clicks on that icon and a casual conversation begins. Oldboy : Hello buddies! Am I the only one in the room? It’s so quiet h ...
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Share On Learning English
2014-10-8 21:14
InChinatens of millions of people are learning English. Almost no one would doubt the necessity of learning a foreign language, as society develops. However, how we should learn the language, as it has always been, seems still a big issue for many people. They’re trying very hard to find a short cut to their destination. Some of them spare no efforts to try out the famous learning methods, hoping that after several months of hard work, they would finally reach the goal they have ...
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Share A New Form of Art
2014-10-7 17:28
A New Form of Art
Can you guess what it is? Looks like an artwork, a new form of art? Yes, it's the creation of a man, who has just finished eating a chicken. I have to admit he is really something, for obviously it's hard to get all the bones clean without any chicken on it. And it also takes creativeness and art talent to come up with this idea.
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Share The Four Ideal States of Living
2014-10-3 19:16
Sometimes we would ask ourselves, “How should we spend our life?” To do something big or just let the tides carry us along, never bothering to find out where our destination is? The fact is that yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is yet to come; only the present moment is truly ours. We humans seem to have the tendency to dream about something that is not real or only exists in a magical world. Then how to live in the present? I recommend what Hao Wanshan said in Lecture Room on CCTV. &nb ...
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Share A Gal with 3 breasts
2014-10-3 18:43
A Gal with 3 breasts
Three breasts? Is something wrong with my eyes or was the photo PSed by a naughty person? Neither. It's real. Man-made, though. And she is American. It seems she enjoys having 3 breasts. But don't you think she is somewhat like a cow? I'm wondering what is the real purpose of her doing that? To be famous overnight? I can't think of any other possible reasons.
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